Thursday, June 10, 2010

How sweet it is to feel the Earth move under my feet

Concert pictures on my Flickr.

The event that spurred this trip South was the James Taylor and Carole King concert. I came to love their music through my mom so when the tour was announced it was a given I couldn't go without her. With dates in the middle of the week for both D.C. and NC, we settled on the Charlotte show, which meant we got to go with my aunt, too.

It was a wonderful show. Three hours full of every song you could imagine and would want them to sing. Basically two concerts in one. The stage was in the round and constantly turning and we had amazing seats. My pictures didn't come out great, however, but that's ok. The most wonderful thing was that they sound exactly the same, or even better, as they do on CD. JT has the melodic and peaceful voice that soothes me, while Carole King has such a powerful voice, more than I realized, and the energy of someone half her age.

Of course the highlight for this Carolina Girl was when JT sang "Carolina in my Mind." And now having heard him sing it live I get to cross an item off my bucket list. Just perfection, all around.

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