Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Wednesday Words

"Sometimes our judgment simply isn't good enough and our vision isn't clear enough to separate out what truly matters from what is simply provocative."
-David Westin, "Exit Interview"

A New Rug and Why My Mom Needs an iPhone

Yesterday evening, despite needing to do work, clean my apartment, and cook rice for the book club potluck I'm hosting tonite, I instead decided that I absolutely needed a new living room rug.

I've had this one for three years, and it's fine, but not really the style I'm going for.

And having recently got new pillows for my couch, it was even more not my style.

So I spent 2 hours in Columbia Heights going from Bed, Bath, and Beyond to Target to Marshall's to Bed, Bath, and Beyond to Target. All the while repeatedly calling my mom and emailing her half a dozen photos.

I didn't find any there so I headed home with a plan to stop by the Pier 1 on the way back to my apartment. And I'm glad I did. A super-nice saleswoman found me looking at rugs and told me they had tons in the back and we found the perfect cream-colored, fancy-shagged* one.

It's soft and fancy and looks great, in my opinion, with the pillows and both mine and my roomie's couch. It's a bit small, but since the next size up was three times the cost of this one, I'm ok with that. (It was also awkward enough caring this size rug the 5 blocks to my apartment, so any bigger would have been crazy.)

In case it's not obvious from all the photos above why my mom needs an iPhone, here are a few solid reasons:
  1. So I could text her -- for free -- the photos instead of emailing.
  2. So we could Facetime while I'm shopping and just show her everything I'm looking at, as I look at it.
  3. Because I said so.

*I made up this term so as to differentiate between 1970s-type shag and this shag, which is...fancy.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Worth Sharing

The Avett Brothers were on Conan last week and performed an extended version of my favorite song, "Murder in the City." (Blogged about previously here.) Listen, love, repeat.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Things I Learned This Weekend

There's nothing like a severe thunderstorm to help you start to get out of a funk.
I was feeling down on Friday night and was talking to my friend Jan for some cheering up when it started hailing. I love rain and I love my friend. And after those and a little mindless TV, I was back to myself. 

Attempting to take a photo of the hail through my window.
It's there, promise.

According to melatonin, my "natural sleep cycle" is to fall asleep at 1 and wake up at 8. On a Saturday.
I took melatonin, a natural sleep supplement, for the first time on Friday night. So far, I'm not impressed.

Thrifting is the best.
I hit up my favorite thrift store for the first time in a few months and got some great deals.

A J. Crew skirt, an H&M dress, and a silk blouse.
I remember trying this dress on in the store,
but didn't want to pay $35 for it. I got it for $6!
A microwaveable container, a travel jewelry case
(which may become a gift), a picture frame
(which was already being spray painted),
and a leather purse for $2.50!
My favorite finds were these two geoboards for 50 cents each.
I remember using these, with rubber bands,
in math class in elementary school to study shapes.
They're currently being spray painted
and will become necklace storage.

The best clothing label name ever is Tall Girl.
From the thrift store. I wish the pants had of been cuter.

There's a reason I don't go to Z Burger. 
These are their regular-size fries:

There are some ridiculously priced trash cans out there.
I went to the Container Store to buy a trash can with a lid. (Woo adulthood!) I got a plastic, 11-gallon one with a pop-up lid for $14.99. I passed on the $150.00 one. Yes, that's right, $150.00 for something that's going to hold your garbage.

According to a History documentary, Butch and/or Sundance may have survived the final shootout.
I freaking love Newman and Redford as Butch and Sundance, and as a result kind of love the real Butch and Sundance. I really hope they did live longer.

The only way to atone for a (yet another) 3-hour nap is to sew a bunch of stuff.
After accidentally taking another too-long nap, I made up for it by tackling some of the clothes in my mending pile.

A Sunday at the pool is just as good as a Saturday at the pool
I spent many hours at the pool today and finished a book. Perfect way to (start to) end the weekend.

I really need to start doing work before Sunday evening.
Yet again I waited until the last minute to get some work done.  It's the worst way to (actually) end the weekend.)

Friday, June 22, 2012

Fountain Friday

Crown Fountain
Millennium Park
Chicago, Illinois

One of the things I most enjoyed about Chicago was the plethora of public art installations. I knew the city's architecture would be amazing, which it was, but I wasn't expected all the art, too. These fountains were fun because they're art that the public can really enjoy and interact with.

When they're off they're just kind of an ugly brick column, but when on, they show the faces and expressions of different people. (Chicago-ans? Not sure.) Every few minutes, a few of the bricks "open" and a gush of water runs out.

It was pretty chilly when B and I were there, so we just sat and watched the kids run up and wait for the water to fall, and then scream and run away. I think more cities should do things like this. It just makes people happy.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Some Potpourri. (With neither fleeting expletives nor momentary nudity.)

It's been another stressful week with not a lot of energy to expend outside of work. So here is a mixed bag of the week's thoughts, going-ons, mishaps, etc.

  • I've found the secret to not using one's credit card: Accidentally cut up a non-expired one when you meant to cut up an expired one.
  • If being 28 and painting polka dots on my fingernails is wrong, I don't want to be right.
  • Wearing yoga shorts under my skirts while commuting has completely changed my life. I no longer have to fight to keep my skirt from flying up every time I walk on an escalator, pass a moving metro train, walk on a windy day, pass a bus, etc.
  • It's nice when a stranger or a friend tells you that you look good. But it's really, really nice when your doctor, who's treating you for anxiety and other things, tells you that you look good. (One day I'll write about my anxiety issues and how I'm dealing with them, I'm just not quite there yet.)
  • I still really, really don't like baseball. At all. But I do love good seats, good friends, good food, and good giant-headed mascots. Which is why I attended my second game of the season this year, Nats. vs. Rays.
  • In a Supreme Court decision today, they ruled that the FCC can't fine ABC and Fox for "fleeting expletives and momentary nudity." This is now my new favorite phrase. In the history of the world.
  • I really do love Jon Stewart and "The Daily Show." I've been watching for 10 years but I got out of the habit for a few months. But now I'm back watching again and I just love it. That's all.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Wednesday Words

Ilse: What are you looking for?
Moritz: If only I knew.
 Ilse: Then what's the use of looking?
-Spring Awakening

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

100 Secrets: 70-61

  1. My pajama top and bottoms have to at least somewhat match.
  2. If I get ketchup, mustard, or any condiment on my hand, I can't lick it off, I have to wipe it off.
  3. I don't like to go in a store if I'm wearing something from there.
  4. My first real kiss was at 19.
  5. But my kindergarten "boyfriend" did kiss me.
  6. And the same "boyfriend" came out our senior year and dropped out of school to model.
  7. Sometimes I have to stop and think to myself: 60 minutes in an hour, 100 cents in a dollar.
  8. I only shower at night and have never showered in the morning before a work day.
  9. The only time I pay my bills is at work.
  10. I hate to write in print and when I do the spacing is all wonky.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Things I Learned This Weekend

It is possible to spray paint in an apartment. 
I finally took the plunge and decided to try spray painting. Inside my apartment. There are so many crafts I see that I want to do, but can't because I have no place to spray paint. Well, with a cut-up Ikea bag, some cardboard boxes, and an open window, I made it happen. This is the priming stage on a few things.

Spray paint residue will get everywhere.
The hot pink paint left a light dusty layer on the floor (that was easily wiped up) and thus also my bare feet, then my socks, then my legs. The best part was not realizing it was on my feet until I got to the pool and left hot pink foot prints everywhere. And also, the next day in the shower, half asleep, watching bright pink water go down the drain.

The best Saturday plans are making no plans and spending the day by the pool.
This was my Saturday and what a good day it was. The morning was nice and cool for a little while, I got a great chair that never got shade, read some magazines, listened to Citizen Cope, and even took a few cooling dips in the too-cold pool.

A popsicle and "Ghostbusters" is a great post-pool activity.
I got back just in time to catch my absolute favorite part of "Ghostbusters" -- the Stay Puff marshmallow man. I was obsessed with this thing as a kid, and still love him now. 

My napping is out of control.
I slept off and on for 3 hours on Saturday! 3! That is just absurd.

"Spring Awakening" might just be my favorite musical.
On Sunday I went to a small theatre in D.C. for a performance of this musical. I saw it at the Kennedy Center three years ago and just loved it. It gets a lot of press because it's quite risque, and the play it was based on was frequently banned, but the story and music are just so powerful and strong that it should overshadow the rest. I listen to the soundtrack often and enjoyed seeing it again. It was a much smaller theatre and production, but was so well-done with excellent local actors.

Maxi dresses make for maxi problems.
I think maxi dresses look good on other people, but I've never been a fan of them on me. But last week I bought one at Forever 21 because the back was cute, the print was nice, and it was cheap. I thought I'd just shorten it but decided to try it out long today first. Yeah, just not a fan. It's too much fabric and my foot kept getting caught on the hem.

If at first you don't succeed and you kill 10 plants, just try, try again.
After killing all my plants last year after it turned out setting them on the radiator wasn't the best idea, I haven't had any others. Honestly, and maybe it was because I'd named them all, but I was quite upset after I killed them and not even my mom could bring them back to life. But, since I had a new pot that needed a plant, I picked up a succulent at the hardware store. Introducing Calpurnia, who won't be going anywhere near the radiator.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Fountain Friday

Outside Parliament
London, England

After an unintentional 8-month hiatus, Fountain Friday is back. (Or at least for today until I can organize my fountain pictures again.) When I studied in London in 2005, part of our assignment was to get a visitor's pass to the House of Commons in Parliament and watch some of the floor debate. On our way out we got to pass through Westminster Hall, which is the oldest part of Parliament built in the late 11th century. Upon exiting the Hall we were greeted by this little fountain made up of a few regal (and wet) horses.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Scenes From My Childhood Bedroom: 8

While I'm "crafty like ice is cold" -- thanks Beastie Boys -- I'm artistic like ice is dry. So finding some "artwork" in my room was funny.

This is a portion of a cut-out "B" from elementary school decorated with things that describe me. This was my favorite section, of course. And while I now know that "Tar Heels" is two words, I'm still not very good at drawing them.

I took an online course my senior year of high school called "Photography as Visual History." We studied the history of photography and different photographers, and it was actually really interesting. Unfortunately, there was also an artistic element to it, and not even photography, but more fine art. For this assignment we had to collage a theme and I chose friendship.

We were supposed to incorporate symbolism, repetition, texture, etc. To me it looks like exactly that: an assignment with all the boxes checked off. I've never understood how anyone can take an artistic class for a grade.

While writing this, I remembered another piece of "art" from this class that I still have.

We had to take a photo -- in this case an artistic rendering of Romeo and Juliet from a teen magazine -- and make a black and white copy and layer the two somehow. It's been 10 years but I still kind of like it.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Wednesday Words

"I’m like Godzilla—men run from me.  They flee. 
Not just Japanese men—all nationalities flee."
 -Michelle, Bunheads

I loved this line so much. Partly because it maybe describes someone who writes this blog. And partly because it reminds me of a line from "Hope Floats:"

"Your love life has always been a disaster area.
They ought to have big orange cones all around you."

This line once prompted my mom to say to me:

"That's sort of like you. Except you should have yellow CAUTION tape around you."

Which is funny. And true because I rarely put myself out there. Because when I do, men of all nationalities flee. But at least I'm not alone. (Well, I am literally alone currently, but figuratively, I'm surrounded by plenty of other Godzillas.)

Overheard in DC: Capes and Spies. Oh my!

Last night I went to the Kennedy Center to see the musical "Memphis." (It was only ok.) While out and about, I overheard a few bits of conversations that had to be shared.

On the shuttle to the metro:
"I think I saw a person in a cape today. It looked like a batman cape. I was thinking, 'It's 9:30 in the morning on a Tuesday. Why are you in a cape?'"

This made me smile given my own recent caped outing. I really wanted to tap her on the shoulder and ask if it was the timing of the cape she objected to, or just the cape itself.

On the metro, a presumably not-quite-there woman talking out loud:  
"You don't want to go there. The cat is not black."

I thought this was just amazing. The cat is clearly code for something, but what? Is it good that it's not black, or bad? Is she using it as a synonym for kosher or something similar? I must know!

But, seeing as this is D.C., and I've seen too many episodes of "Alias," I've decided she's not actually a crazy metro lady, but is a spy. Maybe she was delivering a message to her handler, who was elsewhere in the car.

So, yeah, basically I've intercepted a coded spy message. Don't be too jealous.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Things I Learned This Weekend

If you've had a bad day you shouldn't go to Anthropologie.
I was so crazy Friday I didn't have time for lunch or to leave my desk and have a panic attack. (So I just had one right at my desk.) As the day wore on I was so stressed I just couldn't stop laughing, so my officemate made me take a walk. So, naturally, I walked toward the big "SALE" sign in the Anthro window. One vase, one bowl, and one pair of PJs later, I felt much better.

But at least the vase is perfect for holding dried lavender.
Also note my finished pottery piece. 

The fountains at the Navy Memorial really are just the best.
That's all that really needs to be said.

If you're going to almost pass out, at least do it at the Newseum in line to see someone cool.
Yep, came very, very close to fainting while at the Newseum on Saturday. It was the closest I've come in awhile and not at all fun. But luckily I was able to sit down and it passed. Which was good because...

David Westin -- former president of ABC News -- is very intelligent and inspiring.
I was at the Newseum to see him interviewed and then sign books. As a serious ABC News junkie, I've known who he is for awhile, and it was fascinating to learn more about him. I can't wait to read his new book.

If you're about to pass out and the guy behind you doesn't have gum or a mint, you will get unnaturally angry.
The guy behind me was all friendly with the tourist beside him, but when I asked for gum or a mint because I didn't feel well, he didn't have anything. For some reason this made me incredibly angry and I made sure to sit very far away from him and shoot him the evil eye. How dare he not plan for a young woman to almost faint in front of him!?

Forever 21 really is all about the super-trendy clothing.
And that's great if you've been dying to dress like Holly Hobby. Seriously, I'm pretty sure my sister's doll had this exact dress. (FYI: I didn't buy this top.)

I might be almost, maybe, possibly, sort of ready to admit I'm too old for short shorts.
But I'm not there yet. And I definitely bought another pair of short ones on Saturday. I can't help it! I'm a conservative dresser 90% of the time except for my shorts. And some of my skirts. And a few pairs of tight jeans. So, technically, I haven't learned this yet.

An ironing board can make a good desk.
I spent most of Sunday working. My little desk in my room isn't very practical and my dining room table was occupied with my sewing machine, so I improvised. And it's adjustable!

Watching gymnastics is one of my favorite things in the world and I can't wait for the Olympics.
I watched the national championships on Sunday and am so ready for the Olympics!

Stepping on a thumbtack in the middle of the (Sunday) night when up to use the bathroom is a terrible way to end the weekend.
However, if you step on the Tar Heel-shaped thumbtack, with your heel, you will appreciate the humor in the situation later in the day. Not appreciated: That my heel still hurts.

Friday, June 08, 2012

To Do List Update

This week has been so absolutely nuts at work that my head is spinning. And because I'm so brain dead from the week, here is an update on the to do list I set for myself three weeks ago. All in all, I'm happy with my progress.
  • Cape Party
  • National Cathedral Flower Mart
  • Mother's Day
  • Stuff I found while cleaning out my room at home -- Three posts in series so far
  • The Asian lettuce bundles I made 3ish months ago -- Probably never
  • More secrets -- Working on the next 10
  • More fountains -- Soon, soon
  • Thoughts on "crazy" women -- I don't even know where to begin, it may end up being an essay.
  • Why I think "Sabotage" could be an appropriate wedding song -- Ok, it's not actually an appropriate wedding song. But I may like it played at mine anyway, just to mix things up.
  • My new laptop
  • Colored jeans?
  • A quote from last week's "Girls" I really like -- This isn't getting its own post so I'll just write it here: "Some day, I'm going to write an essay about you, and I'm not going to change your name!" -Hannah, Girls
  • Comfort shopping -- In drafts
  • Phobias -- In drafts

Thursday, June 07, 2012

Scenes From My Childhood Bedroom: 7

Ok, fine, I got a number of awards in my years of school. The important ones are still in a small Tupperware container in my closet because, considering how I practically killed myself to earn them, I just can't bear to throw them away.

But when I was cleaning out other papers I came across a folder of certificates. Now, call me snobby, but certificates just aren't as cool as a plaque or pin or trophy. They just aren't. But these two especially caught my eye because...they just aren't me.

My one and only attempt at organized sports: Playing basketball in the sixth grade.  I'm not sure why I even played it.  Maybe because growing up a tall girl in a basketball-obsessed state, I thought there might be something to all the people saying, "Wow, you're tall. You should play basketball."

Unfortunately, what they should have been saying was, "Wow, you're tall. But you have no athletic skill, coordination, or competitive spirit. You don't care if you win or lose or foul or travel. And you will travel. A lot."

We won one game, the last game, and I fouled my best friend, who was on an opposing team that also only won one game. It was fine and I didn't hate it, but I definitely had no desire to ever repeat the experience.

Having attempted and rejected any athletic competition, the remainder of my middle and high school yeas were devoted exclusively to academic endeavors. (Especially endeavors that could go on my college applications.)

My junior and senior years I competed in FBLA "events" and both years won at regionals and then went to states. I can't remember what I actually competed in, but I can assure you that it was NOT Financial Mathematics. When I came across this I couldn't stop laughing. It has my name on it but obviously they got the event very wrong.

I love the fact that I can post about awards for basketball and financial mathematics, and they both seem equally implausible and ridiculous.

Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Wednesday Words

"You can't possibly judge your ability to control something until you've experienced the extremes of its capabilities."
-Richard Russo, "Empire Falls"

Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Oh say can you see...the flag of another country

The last time I went to Ulta, I finally caved and bought the Rimmel London eyeshadow palette shaped like a Union Jack. I'd been coveting it for months, but didn't really need more eyeshadow. Well, it turns out, I also didn't really need anything else with the British flag on it.

Just like anything that is Carolina blue, polka dotted, or shiny, if it has the flag on it, I must have it. It's not only just a pretty flag, but also reminds me of fond memories of London and the U.K. And again, in light of the Queen's Diamond Jubilee, I thought it was a perfect time to explore my stuff and take pictures of anything with the flag on it that I could find.

Now all I need is a Union Jack pillow or rug like I see in design magazines. Then I'll stop. Or probably not.

Rimmel London Glam Eyes eyeshadow in True Union Jack, Journal from Paper Source, Sewing box from Home Goods, Reusable bag from British Embassy Open House, Picture frame from Anthropologie, Flags from National Cathedral Flower Mart, Metro card holder from Accessorize, Shirt from Wal-Mart clearance, Royal Wedding mug from Etsy, Shirt from Target.

Monday, June 04, 2012

Things I Learned This Weekend

Baseball games can't be played in torrential downpour with threats of tornadoes and hail.
I had tickets to the Nats v. Braves game through my work on Friday night. Sadly, it rained like crazy Friday afternoon, evening, and night, with tornadoes and hail around the area. Of course, they didn't actually cancel the game until my friends and I were already at the stadium because that's just how it goes.

Storm damage in B's neighborhood

I make it rain.
Of the 5 Nats games I've been to through work, 4 times there has been some sort of rain delay or cancellation. I go again in a few weeks, so we'll see what happens then.

Dinner and drinks with girlfriends is the perfect way to forget cancelled plans and a long, stressful Friday.
As much as I hate baseball, I was really looking forward to a night at the ballpark with my girlfriends. Luckily, they weren't only interested in baseball, and we all had dinner and drinks at a fusion restaurant on Barracks Row. 

Mixing groups: Carolina girls and book club girls.

When deciding between walking home in the rain or having another drink, you should probably just walk home in the rain.
Because that last drink will make you entirely too happy. After dinner, B and I went to the 18th Amendment bar on Pennsylvania Ave. Despite us living just a few blocks from there for 2 years, and B still living near there, we'd never been. But how can you not want to visit a bar named after the Prohibition amendment? (Especially considering the 25-page paper I wrote on it in college. The amendment, not the bar.)


Doing work on the weekend is much better when you can make it a "work date" with a friend.
I met my friend/coworker for lunch on Saturday at Panera and then we each did work. Normally, when I do work on the weekends, I spend hours putting it off. But setting a time to do it and with my friend beside me, it was almost fun. 

Tiffany's really is just a happy place.
And they'll clean your Tiffany-purchased jewelry for free while "you browse for as long as you'd like." (And browsing is all I did, thank you.)

Playhouses are a bit different nowadays.
While in Friendship Heights on Saturday, I came across a scene of playhouses being auctioned for charity. While they aren't quite as cool as the one my dad built my brother and I -- which was on top of our swing set and had a 2-story slide -- these did come pretty close.

The worst way to end the weekend is with an all-day headache.
I had a bad headache on Sunday and didn't do much as a result. Until it finally went away around 8, of course, and I tried to cram in all the cleaning and doing I didn't do earlier in the day.

There's only one episode of Mad Men left.
And I just don't know what to do.

Friday, June 01, 2012

Scenes From My Childhood Bedroom: 6

In this addition: Headwear

First, a hat that my mom glued rhinestones all over for Homecoming Spirit Week in the fourth grade.

Incidentally, a photo of me wearing this hat appeared in the school yearbook that year. (With an expression, if I recall correctly, that seemed to say, "Are you seriously taking a picture of me wearing this effing hat?")

And just for a fun, a (terrible) picture of me trying it on after re-discovering it.

Next is a visor from the going-away-to-college kit my Aunt Amee made me for my high school graduation. I was supposed to wear it when camping out for basketball tickets for her. (Unfortunately, students could only get tickets for students. And the only time I camped out for anything was, oddly enough, football tickets.)

This was me reading the visor at my graduation party. 10 years ago last week. Wow.

I didn't take a picture of the visor I wore on every family camping trip that was now covered in mold. Or the Carolina blue and white striped Dr. Seuss style hat that was so popular amongst my class in the 7th grade when we went to the State Fair. Oh, youth.


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