Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Overheard in DC: Capes and Spies. Oh my!

Last night I went to the Kennedy Center to see the musical "Memphis." (It was only ok.) While out and about, I overheard a few bits of conversations that had to be shared.

On the shuttle to the metro:
"I think I saw a person in a cape today. It looked like a batman cape. I was thinking, 'It's 9:30 in the morning on a Tuesday. Why are you in a cape?'"

This made me smile given my own recent caped outing. I really wanted to tap her on the shoulder and ask if it was the timing of the cape she objected to, or just the cape itself.

On the metro, a presumably not-quite-there woman talking out loud:  
"You don't want to go there. The cat is not black."

I thought this was just amazing. The cat is clearly code for something, but what? Is it good that it's not black, or bad? Is she using it as a synonym for kosher or something similar? I must know!

But, seeing as this is D.C., and I've seen too many episodes of "Alias," I've decided she's not actually a crazy metro lady, but is a spy. Maybe she was delivering a message to her handler, who was elsewhere in the car.

So, yeah, basically I've intercepted a coded spy message. Don't be too jealous.

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