Thursday, June 14, 2012

Scenes From My Childhood Bedroom: 8

While I'm "crafty like ice is cold" -- thanks Beastie Boys -- I'm artistic like ice is dry. So finding some "artwork" in my room was funny.

This is a portion of a cut-out "B" from elementary school decorated with things that describe me. This was my favorite section, of course. And while I now know that "Tar Heels" is two words, I'm still not very good at drawing them.

I took an online course my senior year of high school called "Photography as Visual History." We studied the history of photography and different photographers, and it was actually really interesting. Unfortunately, there was also an artistic element to it, and not even photography, but more fine art. For this assignment we had to collage a theme and I chose friendship.

We were supposed to incorporate symbolism, repetition, texture, etc. To me it looks like exactly that: an assignment with all the boxes checked off. I've never understood how anyone can take an artistic class for a grade.

While writing this, I remembered another piece of "art" from this class that I still have.

We had to take a photo -- in this case an artistic rendering of Romeo and Juliet from a teen magazine -- and make a black and white copy and layer the two somehow. It's been 10 years but I still kind of like it.

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