Friday, June 08, 2012

To Do List Update

This week has been so absolutely nuts at work that my head is spinning. And because I'm so brain dead from the week, here is an update on the to do list I set for myself three weeks ago. All in all, I'm happy with my progress.
  • Cape Party
  • National Cathedral Flower Mart
  • Mother's Day
  • Stuff I found while cleaning out my room at home -- Three posts in series so far
  • The Asian lettuce bundles I made 3ish months ago -- Probably never
  • More secrets -- Working on the next 10
  • More fountains -- Soon, soon
  • Thoughts on "crazy" women -- I don't even know where to begin, it may end up being an essay.
  • Why I think "Sabotage" could be an appropriate wedding song -- Ok, it's not actually an appropriate wedding song. But I may like it played at mine anyway, just to mix things up.
  • My new laptop
  • Colored jeans?
  • A quote from last week's "Girls" I really like -- This isn't getting its own post so I'll just write it here: "Some day, I'm going to write an essay about you, and I'm not going to change your name!" -Hannah, Girls
  • Comfort shopping -- In drafts
  • Phobias -- In drafts

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