Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Oh say can you see...the flag of another country

The last time I went to Ulta, I finally caved and bought the Rimmel London eyeshadow palette shaped like a Union Jack. I'd been coveting it for months, but didn't really need more eyeshadow. Well, it turns out, I also didn't really need anything else with the British flag on it.

Just like anything that is Carolina blue, polka dotted, or shiny, if it has the flag on it, I must have it. It's not only just a pretty flag, but also reminds me of fond memories of London and the U.K. And again, in light of the Queen's Diamond Jubilee, I thought it was a perfect time to explore my stuff and take pictures of anything with the flag on it that I could find.

Now all I need is a Union Jack pillow or rug like I see in design magazines. Then I'll stop. Or probably not.

Rimmel London Glam Eyes eyeshadow in True Union Jack, Journal from Paper Source, Sewing box from Home Goods, Reusable bag from British Embassy Open House, Picture frame from Anthropologie, Flags from National Cathedral Flower Mart, Metro card holder from Accessorize, Shirt from Wal-Mart clearance, Royal Wedding mug from Etsy, Shirt from Target.

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