Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Italian for happiness

After giving it a lot of thought tonite--about 45 minutes so far--I've decided that I want a Vespa. Bad.

But really, I thought about it long before tonite. It probably first got into my head about the time I saw this lovely lady ride one:

Then when I went to Italy and saw them everywhere in every color, I thought, "One day, one shall be mine."

Also while in Italy, I crossed off the first step: own Vespa gear. (Because if I learned anything from the "Friends" episode where Joey pretends to own a Porsche, I know that the name-brand gear is the first step.)

Yes, I'm still a bit hazy on the exact license requirements. Yes, while I did find people online who ride them in and around D.C., I'm not sure how it works on the roads out of the city. (Like to Alexandria, where I work.) And, oh yeah, there's that whole I don't drive thing. Minor detail. Especially since thinking about learning to drive this scares me way less than thinking about learning to drive a car.

I want to be this girl! With a slightly higher neckline. And a better driving form.

Did I mention how cute they are? And how many colors they come in?

I want one. Bad.

Photos: Vespa, mine, mine, mine, Vespa, Vespaholic, and Vespa.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Fountain Friday

St. Peter's Square (Piazza Pio XII)
Vatican City

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Getting it done

This is a list I made to help me organize my current project at work. Most people probably don't use pink ink for their professional to do lists. Most people probably would have just made a chart in Excel. Most people probably don't use liquid white out to erase erroneous marks that are marring the chart. Most people probably don't feel an overwhelming sense of calm just looking at the list, before a single check mark is even made. I am not most people.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Now in Technicolor

I bought this cardigan at Banana Republic in June or July and wore it for the first time today:
Standing up on the metro this morning, I looked down to see the woman seated next to me wearing the same cardigan, only hers was gray. So it looked something like this:

Given how many embarrasing things happen to me on a regular basis, it might be surprising that I consider wearing the same outfit as someone else to be in the top three of most embarassing situations ever. Even though I shop at mainstream places like BR, I still spend time each day deciding what to wear and I don't like looking like someone else. Even if it is the technicolor version.

But alas, my attempt to invent teleportation on-the-spot by closing my eyes and wishing, failed. Instead, I just had to laugh. Of all the cardigans in all the metro cars in all the world...

Friday, September 17, 2010

Fountain Friday

Freedom Plaza Fountain
Washington, D.C.

Today's fountain is special because after three years in D.C. and many, many days spent in the Penn Quarter-Metro Center-Downtown area, I came to a fountain never seen before. Whether it's brand new or just not usually on, I've only known Freedom Plaza as that place in front of the National Theatre where the skateboarders go. But last weekend, on an absolutely beautiful day, I was headed in the opposite direction when I saw plumes of water in the distance. Like a moth goes to a flame, so goes a Bonnie to a fountain. I immediately changed my course and sat in its shade and read for awhile.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

A Comedy of Errors in 20 Steps

Step 1: Receive 16x20 collage frame as a gift.
Step 2: Fill frame with pictures.
Step 3: Move to Arlington.
Step 4: Have brother break glass in frame.
Step 5: Hang frame with broken glass on wall for year.
Step 6: Move in to D.C. and leave frame in box for two years.
Step 7: Move again and decide to hang frame.
Step 8: Travel to Rockville to purchase new glass for frame.
Step 9: Break glass in half on metro.
Step 10: Decide to use glass anyway.
Step 11: Recycle original broken glass.
Step 12: Drop glass.
Step 13: Cut thumb.
Step 14: Freak out.
Step 15: Stop freaking out.
Step 16: Look down.
Step 17: See cut on foot.
Step 18: Freak out
Step 19: Stop freaking out.
Step 20: Laugh hysterically.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

For whom the bell tolls

Today I read an article in the New York Times about a sidewalk bookseller, Charles Mysak, in New York City: In Bookstore's Demise, No Joy for Sidewalk Seller.

A four-story Barnes & Noble is closing in the same area as Mysak and the article explores his determination to maintain his sidewalk business, despite lackluster sales for both him and booksellers in general. There's something beautiful and heartbreaking when someone or something is feverishly trying to hold on to a tradition, practice, or lifestyle when changes are whirling around them. It can be bad, of course, but sometimes, it's just good.

As mentioned many times before, I love love books, especially used books. This man's story has been in my head all day. Checking my email accounts. Watching a movie in HD. Downloading new songs on my iPhone. Turning it all off to curl up with one of my latest used books. He has a passion for knowledge and a devotion to the written word in an age where faster, smaller, shinier is deemed better more often than not. Says Mysak:

"It is apparent that we have a real serious issue, that the life of the mind has been in decline for some time now. ... Ignorance and indolence is the primary problem. If you take care of the mind, everything else follows."

I want to go find his stand and buy out his stock and give books to random people on the street. If they'd rather read it on their iWhatevers, they can pass it along to someone else. Until it finds someone who wants it as it is, who wishes things could be just a tad more simple. Not better, not worse, just simpler.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Fountain Friday

Hochstrahlbrunnen Fountain at Schwarzenbergplatz
Vienna, Austria

Vienna was not one of the favorite cities I visited when I went to Europe, for a number of reasons. This fountain, however, has stuck in my head. Another one that was very loud with a cold spray, but so regal and memorable. It's located with, but not considered a part of, a controversial monument to the Red Army. But the fountain was built in 1873 to celebrate the first water pipeline from the Alps to Vienna. What better way to celebrate water than with a fountain.

Thursday, September 09, 2010

One Day I Will:

  • Write a post sans bullets.
  • Talk about my new apartment.
  • Finish decorating my new apartment.
  • Take pictures of my new apartment.
  • Do two hampers worth of laundry.
  • Pay for doing said laundry thanks to no longer having a W/D in my apartment.
  • Post about how life stresses are making me regress.
  • Stop getting so worked up about certain political viewpoints and events.
  • Read every book on my shelf before buying new ones or placing them on hold at the library.
  • Probably not stop getting worked up about certain political viewpoints and events.
  • Hang up the clothes I don't wear after trying them on in the morning instead of throwing them on the floor or in the hamper to be sorted later.
  • Conquer insomnia.
  • Eat something before I leave the apartment so I don't get faint on the metro.
  • Figure out how to keep my shoes on so I don't lose one three times in one morning on the walk to the metro.
  • Not lose said shoe in a crosswalk, for the third time in my life.
  • Just be thankful that this stunningly long short-week is over and a pretty-weather weekend is taking its place.

Friday, September 03, 2010

Fountain Friday

U.S. Capitol
Washington, D.C

It has been a long and exhausting week, so not much energy to write. This picture was taken three years ago on my first trip to Capitol Hill after moving to the area. Last weekend I moved away from the Hill after calling it home for two years. I'll just have to find a new fountain and home to love.


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