Thursday, September 09, 2010

One Day I Will:

  • Write a post sans bullets.
  • Talk about my new apartment.
  • Finish decorating my new apartment.
  • Take pictures of my new apartment.
  • Do two hampers worth of laundry.
  • Pay for doing said laundry thanks to no longer having a W/D in my apartment.
  • Post about how life stresses are making me regress.
  • Stop getting so worked up about certain political viewpoints and events.
  • Read every book on my shelf before buying new ones or placing them on hold at the library.
  • Probably not stop getting worked up about certain political viewpoints and events.
  • Hang up the clothes I don't wear after trying them on in the morning instead of throwing them on the floor or in the hamper to be sorted later.
  • Conquer insomnia.
  • Eat something before I leave the apartment so I don't get faint on the metro.
  • Figure out how to keep my shoes on so I don't lose one three times in one morning on the walk to the metro.
  • Not lose said shoe in a crosswalk, for the third time in my life.
  • Just be thankful that this stunningly long short-week is over and a pretty-weather weekend is taking its place.

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