Monday, September 20, 2010

Now in Technicolor

I bought this cardigan at Banana Republic in June or July and wore it for the first time today:
Standing up on the metro this morning, I looked down to see the woman seated next to me wearing the same cardigan, only hers was gray. So it looked something like this:

Given how many embarrasing things happen to me on a regular basis, it might be surprising that I consider wearing the same outfit as someone else to be in the top three of most embarassing situations ever. Even though I shop at mainstream places like BR, I still spend time each day deciding what to wear and I don't like looking like someone else. Even if it is the technicolor version.

But alas, my attempt to invent teleportation on-the-spot by closing my eyes and wishing, failed. Instead, I just had to laugh. Of all the cardigans in all the metro cars in all the world...

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  1. But i bet you looked a heck of alot cuter!!!!



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