Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Day 121: "Instant pumping action"

My lovely phone, Eliza, broke this week, and today I had to make the trek to Pentagon City to have her fixed. (Diagnosis: not good. But they gave me a brand new one instead, newly named Eliza Jr.) While I was waiting I bought a few things at Sephora.

I always find this store very intimidating, with rows upon rows of "try me" products, that I'm always afraid to try, thinking someone will swoop down and force me to buy the teal glitter eyeshadow that I only just wanted to play with. (Plus, I just don't see how it's sanitary.)

But I stayed away from the eyeshadow tonite and went for something more drastic: collagen! I sampled (did not buy) Dior's $29 lip plumper.

"Get luscious, full lips without injections or surgery. Pump up your volume naturally with this revolutionary vanilla mint flavored formula with instant pumping action. Rich in collagen, it also stimulates better collagen production in your lips, too."

Though terrified it would be one of those freaky lip-plumpers that engorge your lips with chemicals that sting and burn, it was just like other lip glosses, with the exception of a slightly medicinal scent. And, as far as I know, did not make me look like Goldie Hawn in "First Wives Club":

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Day 120: I write about food a lot

The word "free" is both the most enticing and most misleading word in the English language. Because nothing is ever truly free. Free gift WITH PURCHASE. BUY ONE, get one free. But if you are as easy as I am, you always get sucked in, spending more to get something for nothing, which you probably don't even need to begin with.

Unless it's free food. Free food is the best. Frequent eater, "buy 10/11/12 get 1 free meal" cards, are even better Even when it takes four years to fill one up, like Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory. Or a misunderstanding results in hoarding a full one from Cafe Nero, determined to redeem six months worth of tea drinking on the next trip across the pond.

Today I got a "free" meal at Cosi, my favorite lunch spot, after buying 10 meals over the course of a mere few weeks. (Oops.) At least frequently eating has its benefits. Even if the free meal was a not that great pizza - also a new thing - that was incredibly tough to chew. A price for everything, indeed.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Day 119: Rain rain go away

Hard to enjoy rain, which I like to, when it's a Monday, my jeans are wet, and drivers have no respect for pedestrians as they fly through oceans of rainwater on the road. Thank goodness for space heaters, Carolina hoodies, and tea. Tonite I made a cup of English breakfast loose leaf tea. I branched out, away from my ever-present pre-packaged Twinings. And discovered, sadly, that my lack of culinary skills extends to the simple act of making tea. Six ounces is either a lot more than I thought, or "heaping spoonful" isn't as heaping as I thought, because it took two glasses of boiling water to dilute what made my face look kind of like this:

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Day 118

I have this weird aversion to wearing sneakers in public. I don't ever think they match my clothes, and they make my feet look pigeon-toed. But my feet need support that my beloved ballet flats and Rainbows don't always provide, so I wore pretty new sneakers, Converses from Target, that provide the comfort of sneakers, but with more versatility.
And, according to Wikipedia, Marquette athletes currently wear Converses, and as they are one of my favorite NCAA bracket teams, this makes me quite happy.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Day 117: "They'll think again of Chapel Hill - and thinking - come back home." (Thomas Wolfe)

Nearly six years after it began, and two years after it ended, I finally did it. I drank from the Old Well.
And it didn't taste like pee. Can I have my retroactive 4.0 now, please?

Friday, April 25, 2008

Day 116: Going to the chapel

Today I went wedding dress shopping for my big sister's wedding. All my little new things, in the end, won't compare to the huge new thing she's embarking on. I'm just glad I get to be a little part of it. :-)

I also ate M&Ms in David's Bridal while wearing a tiara. Just to prove I'm not letting this "maid of honor" thing suddenly mature me or anything.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Day 115: Well this engine screams out loud/centipede gonna crawl westbound (Jack Johnson)

A part of me finds something deeply nostalgic, almost romantic, about trains. Classic cinema and literature feature countless riveting and emotional train scenes. White hankies waving goodbye out windows. Couples stealing a last few moments as the whistle blows. Tramps and hobos hopping free rides from one town to the next. Bing Crosby and friends staying up all night singing in the club car in "White Christmas."

Today I took the train home. Not my first train ride, but my first time taking it home, and my first in the States that didn't just take me to the airport. It was late, bumpy, cold, and nowhere near nostalgic or romantic. But it got me home, and I think that's all that matters.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Day 114: All I need: book, fountain, strawberries

After 24 years of allergy free living, the tide has turned. Something in Northern Virginia, beside the cost of living, is making me sick. Itchy eyes and nose and throat and a head that feels like it weighs 10 pounds. So, naturally, the solution is to go outside, and eat lunch by a fountain.

Yes, though being outside is precisely what was making me sick, I went anyway. This is also the first time I've ever actually ate my lunch away from my desk, preferring instead to work while eating. I popped a few allergy pills, got a quiche and some strawberries, and settled in with my book in Market Square, and a fountain.

And it was lovely while it lasted. An hour later I felt worse, and thanks to my "may cause drowsiness," medication that absolutely caused drowsiness, I fought sleep for the rest of the afternoon. (Thankfully, my new thing didn't end up being actually taking a nap at work. But oh so very hard to prevent it.)

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Day 113: For the Earth

In honor of Earth Day, I had planned on taking a Navy Shower, to conserve water. But as I felt like crap and a shower is one of my favorite parts of the day, I declined. Instead, I did the smallest thing possible, and changed my cell phone bill to paperless billing. I already get it sent to my email, so there is no need to have a paper copy as well. And unlike my other bills, that if don't get paid I probably wouldn't realize it, this one should become pretty clear when I go to dial and get nothing.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Day 112: Got air?

I tend to lump paper airplanes in the same category as paper football: it's a waste of paper. Want to play football, play football! Want to fly a fake airplane, spring for one of those nifty glider ones for $1 that are great Easter basket gifts.

But The Daring Book for Girls provided instructions for the "Coolest Paper Airplane Ever," so that's what I made.
No, your eyes do not decieve you. That is an airplane. I got to the end of the directions and thought I was missing a page, but that's it. So I followed the directions on flying it, flicking my wrist and fingers while not letting them bend downward and let it fly...and then tragically crash into my bed, the wall, and then the floor. (No survivors, sadly, from Aerolina Air Flight 34.)

But it did fly. Surprisingly well for a cylinder of printer paper. The book describes how this is possible, with fancy words like "drag" and "lift," but I haven't done Physics since senior year so that's not important.

But I will say that after the NTSB lets Aerolina Air fly again, we will NOT be charging $25 to check a second bag. (Thanks, US Air.)

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Day 111: Wouldn't it be nice

I used to love this children's book called "Jellybeans for Breakfast," where two best friends talk about all the things they would do if there were no grown-ups around, including, eating jellybeans for breakfast. Seeing as I am a grown-up, I can eat whatever I want. (So there jellybean girls.)

Yesterday I had a Snickers. (I think it would qualify as brunch.) But today I had hot fudge for breakfast...with strawberries. (And pancakes on the side.)
I had never had chocolate strawberries for breakfast, but I plan on repeating it for sure.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Day 110: More shopping, shocking

Today I took the metro to D.C.'s one and only Target. This is new for multiple reasons, including the fact that I've never taken anything but someone else's car to a Target. I've never been to Columbia Heights. And, since I don't drive, and as insane as this is, I've never been shopping for an extended period in a Target by myself.

The area is still very up and coming, but the Target and other open stores were nice. It was a two-story one, which I think is also a first for me, and unlike Friday's shopping excursion, I had no problem finding plenty to buy. It wasn't as fun as shopping with someone else, and not just because when it came time to pay, I couldn't not so slyly slide some of my stuff into Mom's purchases. :-)

With the exception of them not demagnetizing my purchase of "Enchanted" properly, so that in all three of the following stores, I set of the security alarm, multiple times, it was a good trip.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Day 109: This little piggy went to...Urban Outfitters

Something is wrong with the world when I can go into three stores - one new and two old favorites - and can't find ANYTHING to buy. Or it's the universe's way of making me budget, which is just cruel. So after wandering aimlessly downtown, I arrived at Urban Outfitters, the wonderfully quirky and supremely over-priced favorite, where still, I could find hardly anything. Until I found this shiny little guy, a piggy bank, to hold lots of other shiny little things.
So I bought a piggy bank, my first ever that is actually a pig. And Hubert is already helping me save money. Though marked as $8, he rang up as $1.99! Thanks, Bert.
He likes to read ONTD too. Good little pig.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Day 108: Karma points

Today was one of those days where the universe conspired against me in everything I did this morning. I had a earlyish conference call at work so I needed to be there on time. But of course, I got up late, took forever to pick out clothes, missed my bus by minutes and was too tired to walk, had to wait twice as long for a train thanks to A Pope, and then got stopped by two people for directions and help as I practically ran to get to my office on time. But I stopped anyway, and helped a hurried young mother pay for her parking meter. I just hoped I gave enough and her car didn't end up getting towed her something. I think that would severely affect my karma points.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Day 107: Freaking freezing

Along with the back tension, I also have chronic under-eye circles. My research indicates this is more than likely genetic, and I pretty much stopped caring years ago that on my truly sleep-deprived days, I appear to have the remnants of a black eye.

But tonite I was in another remedy Googling mood, and found lots of suggestions for reducing circles and puffiness. As I don't happen to have tomato juice, potato juice, or tumeric powder on hand, I went for the easiest solution, and put two wet cotton balls in the freezer, and then placed them over my eyes.

Apparently I will be freezing the ass of my under eye circles? Aside from being literally impossible, frozen anything on such a delicate part of the face - shockingly - hurts. I think I'll just live with the black eyes; they give me the street cred I am so desperately searching for anyway.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Day 106: Frankie says relax

Ok, I actually have no idea who Frankie is, or who he was telling to relax. I only know there is a T-shirt that featured in a hilarious "Friends" episode, and the 80s are still making a comeback, apparently, as it is for sale at some sketchy teen store in the mall in Ballston.

But, whomever Frankie is, he has a point. Relaxing is good. Relaxing is not easy, however, if you're like me, who is always tense and stressed with a hundred to do lists on random sticky notes that after an hour lose their meaning. And that was a not-relaxed sentence.

I realized during yoga a few weeks ago that I carry all my tension in my back. And I carried a lot of it today. Thus I took to Google for home remedies, and tried reflexology on my hands and feet to cure my lower back pain.

It sort of worked. I don't know if it actually works, or if it's more of a psychosomatic thing. Or if it was just a diversion tactic, as once I began rubbing my bony hand, it hurt more than my back.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Day 105: I'm ready for my Oscar, thanks

On my digital camera there is this nifty little spot on my dial for "video." It doesn't take audio, and for that or other reasons, I just don't think to use it. But I should, because it's kind of awesome.

At the baseball game on Saturday I took two short videos of John Smoltz and Chipper Jones. Before this, I had taken two other short videos while on vacation in Lanzarote last year, of the bubbling coastline, my favorite spot.

Last night I got inspired to actually do something with them, and made a few movies, with audio, and then uploaded them to YouTube.

They are about as basic as can be and a 10 year old could do them better, but they're fun and short and are only a preview of things to come, hopefully.


Baseball clip 1:

Baseball clip 1.5, this one's for Joey.

Note: Should AC/DC, Carrie Underwood, or the Talking Heads come across these and want to sue me for using their music: please don't. I'm just a fan and I actually paid for all of these songs. Thanks.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Day 104: Damn taxation

I could fill this blog with paragraphs and paragraphs of why I hate taxes. How I resent having to pay them for stupid reasons and how they are used in undoubtedly even more stupid ways.

But I won't. Not today anyway. But today I did do my taxes, not exactly by myself, but more than I've ever done before.

And I can even more confidently say that they are indeed stupid. And when I'm president I'll work on outlawing them instead of baseball. We might not have vital public services but, oh well, we'll figure something out. And have more money while we do it.

Daddy and me working on them. Perhaps the least attractive face on me ever, but it's quite accurate of what I was feeling.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Day 103: Buy me some peanuts and cracker jacks

I've never made it a secret about how I feel about baseball. I hate it. I'm determined that should I ever become president I will outlaw it, or at the very least limit it to five innings. (It's all you need, really.)

But, as my office has season tickets, and the Nationals are right here, and on the metro line, I jumped at the chance at some free tickets on the 3rd base line, and attended my first Major League Baseball/Washington Nationals game. Mom and Daddy came up for the occasion, and despite the 1.5 hour rain delay, and sitting in said rain, I think we all had fun. Warm, overpriced beer for them, a hot dog and nachos for me, peanuts and cracker jacks for all. Is there anything else we really need?
And to top it all off, we were playing the Braves, whom I cheer for solely because of Joey's supreme love and devotion to them. (And because I truly think he would disown me if I didn't.) I was not expecting to be so excited over the few players I could recognize, or even to care at all about the game. But I did. It's more exciting in person, and while I will not be sitting down to watch any on TV anytime soon, I will re-think the whole outlawing thing.

John Smoltz and Chipper Jones (coughadulterercough) having a chat.

A history geek's dream: giant-headed racing presidents! And TJ wins it all!

Friday, April 11, 2008

Day 102: Country dogs in the city

I love my dogs more than just about anything and was happy to have them in my apartment up here for the first time.

But, they don't get out much. And as a result are completely adorable neurotic messes. They were convinced Mom and Daddy were going to leave them up here, and poor Dimples, despite having hardwood floors at home, just couldn't stand to walk on the ones here. Peanut, the usually calm and rational one, was just as antsy and hilarious.

Even though they didn't have a great time up here, I liked having them around. Next time, as Mom suggested, we just might need to try some doggie Prozac.
Don't let the smile fool you, she was a wreck.

Best picture I could get of she who is afraid of the camera.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Day 101: Hair care 101

In honor of my 100th new thing yesterday, I meant to do something 100 times. But I didn't. So instead today I did something 101 times, when I brushed my hair with 101 strokes. It seems in different movies with really girly girls, they have a hair brushing ritual. Marcia in "The Brady Bunch," Chrissy in "Now and Then," and I'm sure more did it, and so did I. But it only resulted in making me bored out of my mind and my hair quite greasy. Bored and greasy, hooray.

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Day 100: 100 petals for 100 days

Today I begrudgingly dragged myself downtown to the tidal basin to see the last of the cherry blossoms. I say begrudgingly because I had been putting it off because of the crowds, and knew that they would probably all be green or gone.

But I was wrong.
I saw bits of pink and white as I walked closer and closer to the water, still convinced that I was only going to be left with the remnants. But as the path curved and I got a full view of cherry trees in a field, and then beyond, around the Jefferson Memorial and all around the water, it made me pause and catch my breath a bit. I'm not sure what they look like when at their peak, but they were beautiful today. The day was overcast and a bit windy, but it just meant the pink was prettier and that petals hit my face like snow.
Picture warning: I've had my camera for more than two years and have NEVER had a problem holding it straight. But somehow nearly all of my pictures are crooked. I can't believe as much as I moved around I held it wrong the entire time. Hopefully I can fix them with editing software later. Select to enlarge.

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Day 99: Biking and Building

While I am trudging away at my job this summer, undoubtedly staring longingly out the French doors in my office at freedom and sunshine, my best friend from high school, Genie, will be biking her away across the country, with stops along the way to help build houses for those in need.

I've known Genie for nearly 10 years (wow!) and have never met anyone who can match her in personality, heart, and energy. I think what she is going to do is amazing, and today I contributed a tiny bit to her fundraising goal for the endeavor. If anyone has a bit to spare, you can donate to her fund too. I guarantee she deserves it, and it's a great cause.

Monday, April 07, 2008

Day 98: Vita-meata-vegan

The benefit of having a black belt in shopping is buying random things or getting free samples, losing them, and then finding them and being pleasantly surprised. Thus is the case with today's new thing, when I came across some vegan soap I got...somewhere. (A free sample from a street fair I think?) It smells like cocoa and has real bits of granola and other all natural ingredients. Did I mention it smells like cocoa? I got as close to bathing in chocolate as I am likely ever to with my vegan "cocoa paradise" soap. The all natural ingredients mean that even though my shower water has traces of various prescription medication in it, at least my soap, and self, are clean.

Sunday, April 06, 2008

Day 97: Can't all decisions be this easy?

A few summers ago I bought a Magic 8 ball. (Technically a magic 8 date ball, I just like that it was pink.) I decided that I would allow it to make all my decisions for me. This lasted sporadically for the rest of the summer, but was not very effective as when I didn't like its response, I just shook and tried again. I still use it occasionally for fun, and tonite let it decide what I would eat for dinner.

Should I have nachos for dinner?

I said, should I have nachos for dinner???!!!

Thanks. Off to make some nachos. And contemplate how many friends I will lose as a result of this sad little blog.

Saturday, April 05, 2008

Day 96: Sweet Taste of Liberty

I used to wonder what America would taste like if it were an ice cream. But thanks to Stephen Colbert and Ben and Jerry, I need not waste my precious time on that dilemma any longer. Today I ate truthiness with a spoon, and some AmeriCone Dream ice cream. Apparently America is mainly vanilla, with a little chocolate and caramel and waffle cone thrown in. A melting pot if you will, except thankfully not melting, but frozen.*

(I think a Jon Stewart ice cream would be even more delicious, Ben and Jerry. And would assist you in being "fair and balanced." Thanks.)

*I didn't notice that the Ben and Jerry page uses a similar metaphor on their page; I wrote mine before I read theirs, so I'm leaving it. Great minds think cheesily alike, apparently.

Friday, April 04, 2008

Day 95: Not exactly one of Victoria's Secrets

For my London flat I bought hot pink towels. They made me happy and girly. Today I bought a hot pink bra. And I really don't care that I am posting this for all to see. Everyone knows I wear a bra, so knowing the color isn't such a big leap. And as I don't intend to run for political office ever, I don't think this should harm me too much in the future. Though given the things politicians can get away with, as long as I didn't use it as a reason to invade a country, or pay $4300 an hour for it, I think I'd still be ok.

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Day 94: Calming

(Payday+Internet)2/No self control=Internet shopping9

Shopping math: the only math I know

Today I bought a lovely WWII era reproduction on This is a web site where anyone can open a store and sell their homemade crafts and goods. I like supporting amateur artisans, and have never bought anything on Etsy before. And now, thanks to sfgirlbybay, I will be keeping calm and carrying on, in 7-14 days.

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Day 93: Trying to be more nurturing than a desert

Things that inspired today's new thing:
1. David the Gnome
2. Amelie and her travelling garden gnome
3. And my sad little assorted foliage, Adelaide.

Thus, today I bought my own garden gnome to keep my plant company.
Introducing... Pedwick David Emong. AKA, Ped.
He comes all the way from North Devon in England, where he's been residing in the Gnome Reserve and Wild Flower Garden. While not immune to the occasional harmless prank, he prefers to spend his days "gnome napping," or travelling, and may or may not have made an appearance in the Travelocity commercials. He loves to greet friends by rubbing noses and sharing some of his daisies.

And his newest task? Helping me remember to water my poor Adelaide, and hopefully healing some of the mysterious holes and "curling" of her leaves.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Day 92: Good times

High times, hard times,
Sometimes the living is sweet.
And sometimes there’s nothing to eat.
But I always land on my feet.
So when there’s dry times
I wait for high times and then
I put on my best and I stick out my chest
and I’m off to the races again!

Tonite I had high times, at Hard Times, a popular restaurant up here. I've never been to one, despite walking by one every day on my way to work, and tonite I ate at one in Clarendon. And I just so happened to eat - and maybe have a drink with - my fellow Newsies fan, Ashley. Good hamburger, good fries, good talk, good friend, good times.


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