Monday, June 11, 2012

Things I Learned This Weekend

If you've had a bad day you shouldn't go to Anthropologie.
I was so crazy Friday I didn't have time for lunch or to leave my desk and have a panic attack. (So I just had one right at my desk.) As the day wore on I was so stressed I just couldn't stop laughing, so my officemate made me take a walk. So, naturally, I walked toward the big "SALE" sign in the Anthro window. One vase, one bowl, and one pair of PJs later, I felt much better.

But at least the vase is perfect for holding dried lavender.
Also note my finished pottery piece. 

The fountains at the Navy Memorial really are just the best.
That's all that really needs to be said.

If you're going to almost pass out, at least do it at the Newseum in line to see someone cool.
Yep, came very, very close to fainting while at the Newseum on Saturday. It was the closest I've come in awhile and not at all fun. But luckily I was able to sit down and it passed. Which was good because...

David Westin -- former president of ABC News -- is very intelligent and inspiring.
I was at the Newseum to see him interviewed and then sign books. As a serious ABC News junkie, I've known who he is for awhile, and it was fascinating to learn more about him. I can't wait to read his new book.

If you're about to pass out and the guy behind you doesn't have gum or a mint, you will get unnaturally angry.
The guy behind me was all friendly with the tourist beside him, but when I asked for gum or a mint because I didn't feel well, he didn't have anything. For some reason this made me incredibly angry and I made sure to sit very far away from him and shoot him the evil eye. How dare he not plan for a young woman to almost faint in front of him!?

Forever 21 really is all about the super-trendy clothing.
And that's great if you've been dying to dress like Holly Hobby. Seriously, I'm pretty sure my sister's doll had this exact dress. (FYI: I didn't buy this top.)

I might be almost, maybe, possibly, sort of ready to admit I'm too old for short shorts.
But I'm not there yet. And I definitely bought another pair of short ones on Saturday. I can't help it! I'm a conservative dresser 90% of the time except for my shorts. And some of my skirts. And a few pairs of tight jeans. So, technically, I haven't learned this yet.

An ironing board can make a good desk.
I spent most of Sunday working. My little desk in my room isn't very practical and my dining room table was occupied with my sewing machine, so I improvised. And it's adjustable!

Watching gymnastics is one of my favorite things in the world and I can't wait for the Olympics.
I watched the national championships on Sunday and am so ready for the Olympics!

Stepping on a thumbtack in the middle of the (Sunday) night when up to use the bathroom is a terrible way to end the weekend.
However, if you step on the Tar Heel-shaped thumbtack, with your heel, you will appreciate the humor in the situation later in the day. Not appreciated: That my heel still hurts.

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