Monday, June 04, 2012

Things I Learned This Weekend

Baseball games can't be played in torrential downpour with threats of tornadoes and hail.
I had tickets to the Nats v. Braves game through my work on Friday night. Sadly, it rained like crazy Friday afternoon, evening, and night, with tornadoes and hail around the area. Of course, they didn't actually cancel the game until my friends and I were already at the stadium because that's just how it goes.

Storm damage in B's neighborhood

I make it rain.
Of the 5 Nats games I've been to through work, 4 times there has been some sort of rain delay or cancellation. I go again in a few weeks, so we'll see what happens then.

Dinner and drinks with girlfriends is the perfect way to forget cancelled plans and a long, stressful Friday.
As much as I hate baseball, I was really looking forward to a night at the ballpark with my girlfriends. Luckily, they weren't only interested in baseball, and we all had dinner and drinks at a fusion restaurant on Barracks Row. 

Mixing groups: Carolina girls and book club girls.

When deciding between walking home in the rain or having another drink, you should probably just walk home in the rain.
Because that last drink will make you entirely too happy. After dinner, B and I went to the 18th Amendment bar on Pennsylvania Ave. Despite us living just a few blocks from there for 2 years, and B still living near there, we'd never been. But how can you not want to visit a bar named after the Prohibition amendment? (Especially considering the 25-page paper I wrote on it in college. The amendment, not the bar.)


Doing work on the weekend is much better when you can make it a "work date" with a friend.
I met my friend/coworker for lunch on Saturday at Panera and then we each did work. Normally, when I do work on the weekends, I spend hours putting it off. But setting a time to do it and with my friend beside me, it was almost fun. 

Tiffany's really is just a happy place.
And they'll clean your Tiffany-purchased jewelry for free while "you browse for as long as you'd like." (And browsing is all I did, thank you.)

Playhouses are a bit different nowadays.
While in Friendship Heights on Saturday, I came across a scene of playhouses being auctioned for charity. While they aren't quite as cool as the one my dad built my brother and I -- which was on top of our swing set and had a 2-story slide -- these did come pretty close.

The worst way to end the weekend is with an all-day headache.
I had a bad headache on Sunday and didn't do much as a result. Until it finally went away around 8, of course, and I tried to cram in all the cleaning and doing I didn't do earlier in the day.

There's only one episode of Mad Men left.
And I just don't know what to do.

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