Thursday, June 07, 2012

Scenes From My Childhood Bedroom: 7

Ok, fine, I got a number of awards in my years of school. The important ones are still in a small Tupperware container in my closet because, considering how I practically killed myself to earn them, I just can't bear to throw them away.

But when I was cleaning out other papers I came across a folder of certificates. Now, call me snobby, but certificates just aren't as cool as a plaque or pin or trophy. They just aren't. But these two especially caught my eye because...they just aren't me.

My one and only attempt at organized sports: Playing basketball in the sixth grade.  I'm not sure why I even played it.  Maybe because growing up a tall girl in a basketball-obsessed state, I thought there might be something to all the people saying, "Wow, you're tall. You should play basketball."

Unfortunately, what they should have been saying was, "Wow, you're tall. But you have no athletic skill, coordination, or competitive spirit. You don't care if you win or lose or foul or travel. And you will travel. A lot."

We won one game, the last game, and I fouled my best friend, who was on an opposing team that also only won one game. It was fine and I didn't hate it, but I definitely had no desire to ever repeat the experience.

Having attempted and rejected any athletic competition, the remainder of my middle and high school yeas were devoted exclusively to academic endeavors. (Especially endeavors that could go on my college applications.)

My junior and senior years I competed in FBLA "events" and both years won at regionals and then went to states. I can't remember what I actually competed in, but I can assure you that it was NOT Financial Mathematics. When I came across this I couldn't stop laughing. It has my name on it but obviously they got the event very wrong.

I love the fact that I can post about awards for basketball and financial mathematics, and they both seem equally implausible and ridiculous.

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