Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Wednesday Words

"I’m like Godzilla—men run from me.  They flee. 
Not just Japanese men—all nationalities flee."
 -Michelle, Bunheads

I loved this line so much. Partly because it maybe describes someone who writes this blog. And partly because it reminds me of a line from "Hope Floats:"

"Your love life has always been a disaster area.
They ought to have big orange cones all around you."

This line once prompted my mom to say to me:

"That's sort of like you. Except you should have yellow CAUTION tape around you."

Which is funny. And true because I rarely put myself out there. Because when I do, men of all nationalities flee. But at least I'm not alone. (Well, I am literally alone currently, but figuratively, I'm surrounded by plenty of other Godzillas.)

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