Friday, June 01, 2012

Scenes From My Childhood Bedroom: 6

In this addition: Headwear

First, a hat that my mom glued rhinestones all over for Homecoming Spirit Week in the fourth grade.

Incidentally, a photo of me wearing this hat appeared in the school yearbook that year. (With an expression, if I recall correctly, that seemed to say, "Are you seriously taking a picture of me wearing this effing hat?")

And just for a fun, a (terrible) picture of me trying it on after re-discovering it.

Next is a visor from the going-away-to-college kit my Aunt Amee made me for my high school graduation. I was supposed to wear it when camping out for basketball tickets for her. (Unfortunately, students could only get tickets for students. And the only time I camped out for anything was, oddly enough, football tickets.)

This was me reading the visor at my graduation party. 10 years ago last week. Wow.

I didn't take a picture of the visor I wore on every family camping trip that was now covered in mold. Or the Carolina blue and white striped Dr. Seuss style hat that was so popular amongst my class in the 7th grade when we went to the State Fair. Oh, youth.

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