Wednesday, June 27, 2012

A New Rug and Why My Mom Needs an iPhone

Yesterday evening, despite needing to do work, clean my apartment, and cook rice for the book club potluck I'm hosting tonite, I instead decided that I absolutely needed a new living room rug.

I've had this one for three years, and it's fine, but not really the style I'm going for.

And having recently got new pillows for my couch, it was even more not my style.

So I spent 2 hours in Columbia Heights going from Bed, Bath, and Beyond to Target to Marshall's to Bed, Bath, and Beyond to Target. All the while repeatedly calling my mom and emailing her half a dozen photos.

I didn't find any there so I headed home with a plan to stop by the Pier 1 on the way back to my apartment. And I'm glad I did. A super-nice saleswoman found me looking at rugs and told me they had tons in the back and we found the perfect cream-colored, fancy-shagged* one.

It's soft and fancy and looks great, in my opinion, with the pillows and both mine and my roomie's couch. It's a bit small, but since the next size up was three times the cost of this one, I'm ok with that. (It was also awkward enough caring this size rug the 5 blocks to my apartment, so any bigger would have been crazy.)

In case it's not obvious from all the photos above why my mom needs an iPhone, here are a few solid reasons:
  1. So I could text her -- for free -- the photos instead of emailing.
  2. So we could Facetime while I'm shopping and just show her everything I'm looking at, as I look at it.
  3. Because I said so.

*I made up this term so as to differentiate between 1970s-type shag and this shag, which is...fancy.

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