Wednesday, February 03, 2010


Yesterday I was near the front desk at work when a package came and I signed for it. And who did the package just happen to be for? Why, me!

(Note: I took the pictures after I got home and was waiting for my dinner to cook. I wouldn't take pictures of a gift at my desk at work, that would be weird. Though I'm not sure the clarification makes it any less obsessive.)

Design on the box:

The bow:

The tag:

The box:

The goodies, or at least what remains a day later after
some co-workers, my roommate, and me got to them:


I love gifts -- obviously, who doesn't -- but they are even more lovely when they are a SURPRISE. And these cookies are AMAZING. Mom sent me a box several months ago and I think I still have a few in the freezer. I loved every single flavor in this box and though I've probably had too many, they're so good I don't care.

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