Monday, August 23, 2010

Inside the mind of a pack rat (aka I am my father's daughter)

In preparing to move for the 15th time in eight years, I'm trying very hard to shed some of my unnecessary belongings. The problem, however, is that I'm a pack rat. A huge one. And not only that, I'm also terribly sentimental; a terrible combination. And, therefore, I'd like to say...

Hello, my name is Bonnie, and I'm a sentimental pack rat.

From a key chain I've had since I was four, to every gift either of my nieces or my brother has ever given me, I keep it all. I try and I try to trim the fat, but it's like things jump from my "trash" or "donate" piles back into my drawers and boxes and refuse to let go.

And it's not like I really have a choice, it's genetic. My father has the affliction, and so did his father, and for all I know, my grandfather's father could have had it, too. And I do strongly believe in family tradition.

But tonite I really buckled down so that I can do away with one small rolling cart and two small shelves. (Though small, they're a start.) While cleaning out the rolling cart, I came across this:

Yes, a tiny Fn key from a laptop. (Though I know this is a function key, I prefer to call it Fn key, because in my head it sounds like "effin key." I am so mature.) A quick glance at my current laptop, Francisco, and I see this:

Clearly not a mate. And since this is only the second laptop I've ever had, I can only assume it belongs on my college laptop, Javier, and I honestly don't know where he is. So this is easy, pick up the Fn key and toss it into the trash bag six inches away. But...

What if something happens to Francisco's Fn key? It happened once, it could happen again. What if I toss it, put the trash bag in the garbage can, and the city picks up the garbage. Then I come home, open my computer and...wait, something's happened to the Fn key! Thank goodness I have that spare. OH NO!! I can't believe I threw out the Fn key!

Forget that I don't know how to re-attach a laptop key. Forget that the fonts don't match and that would drive my OCD crazy. Forget that the IBM key might not work on a Dell. That Fn key isn't going anywhere but to my new apartment.


  1. Bonnie,
    you still have a way to go. In my youth I might have saved a alt or del key but never a fn key. Then I realized that it would be much better to save the whole keyboard, because you never know when you will lose the ANY key.

    Love Dad

  2. It's ok Bonnie, I refuse to throw anything away that my mom gave me. Even if i have no use for it anymore
    Love, Amee



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