Thursday, December 13, 2012

Deck the Halls

Kelly's Korner Christmas Tour of Homes

I've been in a very festive mood this year and am really pleased with my apartment decor. Even though it looks like a little bit like Christmas exploded. I don't care. It makes me happy.

This is the wreath on our front door. I found the form at
my thrift store for $1, added some small ornaments from Target,
and then made a bow with the same ribbon I used on my tree.
Table on the entry way with a charger-turned-wall hanging,
advent calendar, roomie's beaded tree, and a catch-all tray.
A few of my Christmas hand towels, courtesy of Mom.
Decorated bookshelves. A bit busy, but happy. Ornaments in jars,
snowmen display, and a bunch of other random bits.
Garland over hall leading to bedrooms.
There's another garland leading into living room.
My nativities. The first one I've had for several years now.
The second one I got this year from Target, they were
ornaments that I cut the hooks off of.
New artwork I painted last week. Normally my
D.C. map print hangs here. I was tired of looking at it 

and randomly decided one day last week I just needed to
make something to replace it. I love this quote and it never
fails to make me smile.

Ornaments in jars and some garland on the radiator and
my table centerpiece. I know the centerpiece is kind of a
hot mess of branches, I'm just not great at doing that.
My tree! It just makes me the most happy out of
everything. I added the vertical ribbon this year since I'm
hopeless at garland, and I think it really ties it together.


  1. It was too lonely here in the comment section! I had to post a comment to let you know I "dropped by" to see your cozy decorated apartment. Fun to see!

  2. Love your nativities, very unique! :)

  3. So wonderful, love every bit!



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