Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Full Disclosure

  • I worked from home on Friday because I didn't feel good. Luckily it hasn't progressed beyond a sore throat and sporadic stuffiness, but I sound like Kathleen Turner.
  • I went out with Brandie and had too much fun, thus preventing me from doing anything I was supposed to do on Saturday.
  • I've bought myself things at Banana Republic and Paper Source instead of buying Christmas gifts.
  • Making Christmas gifts and decorations = crazy messy apartment. Especially the dining room table. (See below.)
  • Instead of buying peppermints for my advent calendar, I'm using leftover candy corn. (Also see below.)

  • I have so much I want to do and see this season but all I am doing instead is watching "Homeland." Which is unbelievably good while also being unbelievably stressful and disconcerting.
  • I've always been an "I need four seasons" kind of lady, but these last two days of 60 degree weather is making me realize I really am more of an "I need one week in each of the four seasons that is that season, but the rest can all in the sixties" kind of lady.
  • For the first time in years I can listen to "I'll Be Home For Christmas" without crying and I don't know what that means. (Though I'm hoping it means it's just not making me cry yet.)
  • I need this tea towel, yesterday:

  • I thought I was making progress on my last things to blog about list, but now I'm not so sure:
    • My jury duty experience
    • Capitol tour with mom and her sisters
    • Wii night with the ladies
    • Pumpkin carving party
    • Hurricane Sandy
    • Work Halloween party
    • Various happenings: New office, award, Lauren's birthday, etc.
    • Old theatre
    • Things that are and aren't worth the money
    • Thoughts on energy and healthy eating
    • Thoughts on anxiety
    • Thanksgiving
    • The time I used a saw
    • Night out with Brandie
    • Pinterest party
    • Christmas decorations 
  • This wasn't the original intent of this post and I can't remember what it was.

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