Saturday, January 24, 2009

Inauguration Pictures

Finally, what you probably care about most, the pictures. Select to make them bigger.

The walk begins.

After hanging around the Capitol for about an hour, trying to get around, we decide to try a different route. Not by tunnel, however, like these poor people.

But through an empty field somewhere in Southeast/Southewestish DC. To bad there's no jumbotron here, it would have been perfect.

Abandoned building we later would realize is for sale. Score!

More people, left of the retaining wall.

The fire truck we ran in front of, oops.

The man selling pretzels. I didn't stop, a choice I would regret an hour later.

At least we know we're going the right way.

Hello Mr. Jefferson! A good sign, indeed.

The Monument, we're almost there!

Until we get stopped for a caravan of tour buses, the most tour buses I've ever seen.

We made it! Our spot beside the Monument.

Brave/stupid people on the porta-potties.

And in the trees.

And everywhere.

Finally, it's time!

Vice President Biden.

President Obama.

Speech time.

Crowd shot.

Done, walking back, through a tunnel, not scary at all today!

Random hill near L'enfant, we think.

It's been a long day.

And the picture journey ended. No shots of me walking half-hunched over on tip-toes because of my 80-year-old back and hips. No picture of us trying every restaurant on 8th street before ending up at Harris Teeter because they were all too full. No picture of me collapsing on my bed and sleeping like a baby for the next several hours. But still, a happy, happy day.

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