Sunday, January 11, 2009

And the winner is...

The Golden Globes make me seriously happy. I mean, probably more than a silly awards show should. But unlike the Oscars, where I get really into it and upset if the person I want to win doesn’t, I’m just too excited to see what happens next to care. In what other awards show do people randomly give their awards to others, are in the bathroom when their award is announced, or bring a drink on stage with them? Or, even better, give their speech when they’re drunk? None! At least not any of the ones I watch.

And, I think there should be a designated award-picker-upper for those who don't show up. Not surprisingly, I'd like to nominate myself for that position. I'd also like to be considered for the position of the person who hands the award to the celebrity to hand to the winner. I have a degree, I'm qualified.

Except, now on second thought, I'm sure there are some requirements. Like maintaining composure under lights while on camera and the ability to stand still without falling. Sadly, I'm not capable of either of those. Especially the last one. I fall off flat shoes like it's my job.

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  1. I've never been into awards shows, but I do think it's fun to watch if somebody makes an ass of themself on stage, haha :P

    I go to school at Roehampton University, right outside London. Which school did you go to? I'm going to transfer to a local school back in Virginia after this school term is over since I'm not happy with the school!



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