Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Day 366: The end.

I started this project a year ago to have something to focus on and be happy. As a strong type A, obsessive compulsive, organizational freak, I needed a project that I could track and commit to and that would have me actively striving to do things that would keep me occupied and happy. And it worked. Obviously the project was only a small part of my 2008, but it helped me relax and take myself less seriously, and be happy for a sustained period.

So now my year of new finds me here, on new year's eve night, watching as 2008 ticks away and in its place comes 2009, and my birthday, 25. So my last new thing is making a list of 25 things I’m looking forward to in 2009, or about being 25. I can’t think of any year I’ve made a list of things to look forward to, or focused on those instead of things to dread.

In no order whatsoever:

  1. I can finally, legitimately, contribute any breakdowns, freak-outs, or major life decisions to a quarter-life crisis.
  2. One word: Obama. I’ll finally say it. I cried when he was elected. And not because he was a Democrat or black or a good speaker or because he wasn’t Sarah Palin. But because I truly believe he can improve things. Not fix everything all at one or perfectly, but I think he can do great things.
  3. Company cruise in March.
  4. Though an odd number, 25 is divisible by 5, so there is hope.
  5. The possibility of a certain sports team in a certain sport possibly winning a certain national title. (No jinx no jinx no jinx.)
  6. I can rent a car. I don’t drive, but can’t I still rent a car?
  7. New album by U2.
  8. Another year of group emails with three of my friends. 2008 saw us reach nearly 500. They keep me sane. Or insane, depending on how you look at it.
  9. Doctor Who specials and seeing who the new Doctor will be.
  10. Making a real list of “guidelines” to achieve for 2009.
  11. Watching my little brother graduate from college. (Ok, I might be dreading this one a little.)
  12. Still randomly doing new things, just because it’s a habit now.
  13. HP6 in theatres!
  14. Two new Ceclia Ahern books and one new Sarah Dessen.
  15. In London you had to be 25 to try speed dating. I’m hoping that applies here and I can find one because I think it would be great fodder for my novel.
  16. Two words: Sham Wow. I can resist no longer; I must have one.
  17. Playing with my new sewing machine.
  18. No more election coverage!
  19. Discovering what the deal is with the goat on How I Met Your Mother.
  20. Finally some plays I want to see coming to DC!
  21. 25=no longer getting carded?
  22. New book club members.
  23. New 30 Rock.
  24. February is a perfectly spaced month that starts on Sunday and ends on Saturday. It’s pretty.
  25. Figuring out what to do with this blog and keeping in touch with all my lovely family and friends.

Got lazy here and there but it wouldn't be my blog if it wasn't occasionally lame. It's nearly midnite and I don't want to welcome the new year on my laptop. Thanks very much to everyone who read and commented or just read. Happy New Year!


  1. Bonnie,
    Just caught up on your blogs, a few points on your last one!

    1) no such thing as a 1/4 life crisis only midlife at 43.7(according to the latest gov survey)

    4) what does 25/5 have to do with life?

    5) Last thing you said to someone before leaving for train!

    13) Do you mean HP is bringing out a new laptop line at the movies?

    18) It will start again sooner than you think.

    21) Fat Chance!


  2. Hey there :)
    I found your blog through 20 somethings and thought I'd leave a note to say how inspiring I think it is that you tried to do something new each day. (And to also say I'm from Virginia :P)

    Awesome blog!



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