Monday, June 01, 2009

Forget regret, or life is yours to miss

Last week I fulfilled my mother's day gift to my mom when we saw the Broadway tour of Rent at the Warner Theatre here in D.C., with original cast members Adam Pascal and Anthony Rapp.

We first saw it four or five years ago on tour in Raleigh. We went the first time knowing only that it was a popular play with that beautiful song we all know, Seasons of Love. That's it. No idea about the plot, themes, or characters.

Now we've seen the movie version multiple times, have listened to the soundtrack ad nauseum, and think of I'll Cover You as the beautiful song. (Though obviously Seasons... is still quite perfect.) For me personally, this time around, the world has changed, but especially my understanding of it, and thus has my knowledge and perception of the themes the play presents. I cry at different parts, well the same parts, plus several others. And different aspects of it affect me more now that I'm older, on my own, and paying rent instead of living "la vie boheme." (Yes, me, Ms. Shops at the Gap-can't live without her iPod-eats red meat*, still has dreams of a non-conformist bohemian life.)

But all in all, the show was amazing. The stage was rather small, which I think took away from some of the presentation. But since the theatre is so small, and we were quite close to the stage, it felt like you were in the play. The music was loud and invigorating, and most of the actors were amazing. Four enthusiastic thumbs up. (Two for me, two on behalf my mom.)

*I am almost certain that sentence is not grammatically sound. And it's probably not that clear. It's really bugging me but I'll fix it later. I have no idea why I'm pointing this out. It's not like my news ed prof is going to leave me a comment saying "-5." Or will he?

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  1. I love love LOVE the soundtrack to Rent. I was singing along to it the other day in fact! I saw the film adaptation, but I couldn't get into it unfortunately. I usually save the musical stuff for classic Disney films, :P



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