Thursday, March 11, 2010

I really should be nicer to Russia

I'm trying to spend less money and buy fewer things because, well, I just don't need to spend so much money and buy so many things. They're just things. (As I keep telling myself over and over again.) But...sometimes I just can't control it.

It was so pretty this week which meant being outside more which meant longer walks around all the shops near work which meant trying not to buy things I don't need. Except, sometimes I do need nesting doll measuring cups from Paper Source.

Are they not the cutest thing ever? And they're functional, which is my favorite thing about cute things. It makes me want to cook...a little. I have a set of Russian nesting dolls my aunt gave me when I was little and I adore them. Every time I see something with nesting dolls on it, I want it! I bought a manicure kit decorated with them last month, and I've had my eye on a stamp and a t-shirt from an online store for awhile. I've said it many times before, when I like something, I am relentless in my obsessive love for it. At least this obsession will lead to me cooking more!

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