Thursday, March 25, 2010

God bless those Tar Heel boys

The same day as the Carolina blue candy and tax unpleasantness, was also the day of rain, and the day of a jury duty summons. Thus it became the day I just gave up and went back to bed to watch British movies on Netflix. But then it also became the day of getting an email from the D.C. alumni club informing me that I had won an autographed UNC basketball from a raffle I entered. Needless to say, the day got infinitely better after that.

I'll be honest, I really just wanted to forget this season and move on to next year. But, even without this reminder, I can't do that. And I shouldn't even want to. Being a true fan means taking the ups and downs. As long as they learn from their mistakes, every stumble is worth it. It's a cliche that you can't win them all, but it's a cliche for a reason: it's true.

Half the stuff I write about basketball here, is rarely ever just about basketball.

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