Monday, April 05, 2010

Clear Eyes. Full Hearts. Can't lose.

After years of hearing from a variety of people -- in real life, on tv, and on blogs -- I finally caved last week and started watching "Friday Night Lights." And, just like they all said, I am obsessed! To the point that I watched all three seasons on Netflix instant play in entirely too short of an amount of time. This is why I resist watching shows that have already been out for awhile. I get addicted and can't stop until I watch them all and know everything about them. (See: Doctor Who, One Tree Hill, General Hospital, etc.)

This might be one of the most realistic shows I've ever seen. I feel like I could walk into any small town in America -- including my own hometown -- and find people just like this with issues like theirs. The good, the bad, and the over-the-top. And it's about so much more than just football. The characters are dynamically written and acted, their interactions and experiences honest and poignant. I find myself tearing up at every episode, which might not normally say much since I cry at everything, but it really is that good and moving.

(Though I must say I'm not sure there's any way normal teenagers could have as much sex and drink as much alcohol as they do and still have time for football. Not to mention have no pregnancies or drunken driving incidents. Though I guess there have been a fair number of arrests. But there aren't always consequences for bad choices in real life, so they're still keeping it real.)

It is also very witty and delivers some great lines, usually said in the driest manner possible, my favorite kind of humor. Current favorites:

Matt: I can't just quit the team.
Shelby: What would they do? Shoot you?
Matt: Probably. We do live in Texas.

Coach Taylor: Contrary to popular opinion I'm very good at communicating with womenfolk.
Tami Taylor: Sweetheart, that's just ridiculous.

Grandma Saracen: Is that my tiara?
Landry: That will be beautiful when you zip over to Rite-Aid.

Bottom line: Everyone should watch this show.

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