Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Madly, madly, madly

Welcome to my 600th post! In honor of this milestone, and after four years of the same old stuff, I think it's time to bring in my altar ego, straight out of a 60s ad agency. (Courtesy of AMC's Mad Men Yourself.)

I was going to give myself a sixties name, but when I found a name generator online, it told me my name was Lois Darlene. Um, no. I'll stick with Bonnie. I've grown rather attached to it and I think it's a bit vintage anyway.

I've been watching Mad Men since the beginning and simply cannot get enough. It has turned me from someone who used to just watch an episode and be done with it, to someone who now must watch the show, read commentary online, discuss with my mom, and then ponder all of its meanings until the next episode, when the cycle starts again.

Quite simply: it's the smartest show on television. The characters have amazing depth with multiple layers to each action and word. But yet, the events of the time period and the popular culture, things completely out of their control, shape the lives of the characters more so than any action or word. But even when the audience knows what's coming, a political front or social dilemma, we still have no idea what is really coming, and how it's going to affect the characters we love.

I just want everyone in the world to watch it so I can talk about it even more. Though for now I'll be happy with Project Rungay commentary and Mad Men Unbuttoned. Seriously, these are daily, or even hourly, fixes that make me so happy. And the latter is now a book, which I read in about a day and half last week. Love. It. (And not just because I happened to win another book from them because I had pre-ordered theirs. They sent me Meditations in an Emergency by Frank O'Hara, which featured in an earlier MM episode.)

And in case I needed any more proof that this is the perfect show for me, four of the characters are now Barbie dolls. Like you need anymore proof that this a profoundly influential and wonderful show? I didn't think so.

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