Friday, December 10, 2010

Fountain Friday

I only meant to take a short break from Fountain Friday since I was getting so lazy about writing about them. But then I forgot about them entirely. Oops. Now, as I need a break from serious writing, Fountain Friday is back.

 Triton und Nymph*
Vienna, Austria

This was from our first evening in Vienna. We walked around Volksgarten admiring the beautiful landscaping and flowers. The thing I remember most about this fountain and the whole area was the sun. It was just starting to set and seemed to be right on top of us, with light emanating from every surface. There were lots of roses and with the help of the sun this fairly simple fountain suddenly had a beautiful glow to it.

Shortly after this photo my friend and I had someone take ours. I was wearing a UNC shirt and our photographer mumbled "Go Duke" under his breath. This came a day after a tour in Munich where our Irish tour guide was a Duke grad. Those Blue Devils, sadly, really get around.

*I'm 99% positive this is the name and location of this fountain. Even though in all the pictures that come up in a Google search it looks far less pretty than here. So I guess I hit it at a good time.

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