Monday, January 17, 2011

Bring on the happy

I'm in the midst of a work project that is filling my head with so much jargon and legalese that I am one federal code away from becoming an incoherent blob of a shell of my former self. That's right, not just a shell, but a blob of a shell. Here are a few things, in video form, that are keeping me teetering on that edge of sanity before I go completely over it. (Some are several months old, but there is no expiration date on joy.)

Oh dear gracious, the joy this has brought me is unprecedented. I think the Digital Shorts can be very hit or miss sometimes, but when they hit it, wow do they hit it.

Favorite parts: Any part with Anderson, particularly when he tries to sit on Chairy. 

Diane Sawyer Birthday Flash Mob
This is from December but somehow I missed it until today. I watched this probably 10 times trying to pick out all the different correspondents. I never imagined two of my favorite things: professional journalists and choreographed lip syncing, would ever come together. Thanks be to the news gods and musical gods for making it happen.

Favorite parts: The dancing by the Kabul correspondent and Diane's subtle middle finger at the end.

Jimmy and Justin's History of Rap
This never gets old. My office is particularly obsessed with it because it just makes us all so happy.

Favorite parts: Jimmy's Beastie Boys and Snoop Dogg and Justin's NSYNC story at the beginning, because as soon as he mentioned Sugar Hill Gang, I immediately thought of them opening for NYSNC.

Vampire Weekend vs. Black Keys on Colbert and Vampire Weekend defending the Oxford Comma on Colbert
The first one just because it has Ezra from VW, who I think is adorable. And because watching it reminded me of the second video from the summer, where Stephen attacks their stance on the Oxford comma. Now, I do love Vampire Weekend and their song, "Oxford Comma." But I also vehemently disagree with its thesis that no one "gives a f$%! about an Oxford comma," because I do, in fact, passionately care about the Oxford/serial comma. It improves sentence flow, readability, and coherence. Not sentence flow, readability and coherence.

Now back to my legalese and jargon whilst singing "Say a Little Prayer" under my breath.

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