Thursday, January 13, 2011

Do and Don't

Things I Do Love
  • Being able to utter the sentence, "I'm pulling for the team with the neon feet." (Re: Oregon in the BCS title game.)
  • A week before leaving for the holidays, I lost one SmarTrip card, broke another, and bought two new ones. I found the lost one whilst cleaning. Hooray!
  • Massive cleaning and organizing spree on Saturday that led to all but four items being crossed off my twenty-item to do list.
  • Christmas decorations still up in the storefronts on King Street.
  • And in my apartment. Oops. I'll get to them eventually.
  • "Dude, we're so cultured." (Former UNC b-baller B. Frasor to former UNC b-baller M.Ginyard via Twitter regarding the fact that they're both playing in a European league. That explanation is longer than the funny quote.)
  • Life in the Snow Bubble

Things I Don't Love
  • Or not. Tuesday's snow:

  • Inconsiderate people on the metro.
  • Hurting my hand pounding on my wall trying to get my incredibly inconsiderate neighbors to turn down their I-can-hear-every-word TV after they didn't answer the door when I knocked three times. (Proving they know exactly what they're doing wrong.)
  • Being awoken at 2 a.m. by another inconsiderate neighbor yelling loudly, and I hope drunkenly, about something involving voting rights, Pennsylvania, and a "her."
  • That it's three weeks since Christmas and I still haven't written anything about it, my birthday, or anything else.

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