Monday, July 30, 2012

Things I Learned This (Olympic) Weekend

The Olympics never fail to make me happy. 
Even with a less-than-stellar Opening Ceremony and inane announcer commentary, they still make me very happy. All day I looked forward to it and all week the roommate and I planned to snack on international fare and watch it in its entirety. Which we did. (Along with Brandie, who was allowed to come even though she didn't realize they started that night.) This was our spread, with something to represent each of the rings: 
  • Africa: Moroccan hummus and African hot sauce 
  • The Americas: Southern Caviar 
  • Asia: Dry-roasted Edamame and a spicy snack mix 
  • Europe: Sangria 
  • Oceania: Chocolate cookies from Australia 
  • Host city: Cookies and napkins with the Queen on them 

Sitting by the pool in the rain is lovely.
I hung out with my friend Shana on Saturday, starting with a couple hours at her rooftop pool. It started to rain but instead of racing for cover we waited it out, appreciating the cool water on such a hot day. 

Handball might be my new favorite sport.
After the pool we went to a bar for a drink and apps and to watch some more of the Olympics. They were showing a handball game and somehow this is a sport that I've never seen. 

The boats used in rowing are called "sculls," not toothpicks.
After the bar and before dinner, we watched more Olympics, including what we like to call the toothpick boat races. 

There's no such thing as watching too much Olympics.
After a restaurant week dinner, we went back to her place to watch, you guessed it, more Olympics. We caught USA in beach volleyball, but missed the Lochte/Phelps match but that's ok because I love Phelps too much to watch him lose. 

"Gone with the Wind" is an amazing and intense book.
After two weeks of reading the 1,000 page tome, I finally finished on Sunday morning. And all I can say is, "Wow."

I read so much faster when reading by the pool. 
On Sunday I spent a few hours lying out and reading at my pool. I don't know if it's the fresh air or just being away from technological distractions, but I get so much more read when I'm outside.

The Olympics make Sunday nights more tolerable.
I know, shocking, but I watched more Olympics on Sunday. Water polo, synchronized diving, swimming, and gymnastics.

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