Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Things I Learned This Weekend

(It's too late for this but it was such an out-of-the-ordinary weekend, for so many reasons, I can't not write about it. Even if it's longer and vaguer than usual.)

To stop. Drinking. Sangria.
I should count how many times I've "learned" this. (And should also probably note I had it again Sunday.)

There are not enough words for how great it is to have the company of a good friend after a bad night.
Have I mentioned how awesome my friends are? Oh, I have? And I should shut up about it? Yeah, not going to happen.

And a nice stranger lady in the ladies room is really great, too.
Long story, not that interesting, but if you work in the same place for 4.5 years and frequent the same places, people remember you. And care.

Sometimes it's worth it to spring for the long cab ride.
No explanation needed.

Especially when you arrive at a restaurant minutes before a crazy storm hits.
For real.

That a "derecho" is a crazy, scary, out-of-nowhere storm I hope to never experience again. 
I'd rather have a hurricane any day. (No jinx.)

Tree on car at end of my street.
Sometimes it's also worth it to spring for a cab ride when the power at the metro station is out and there are port-a-potties in the middle of the road.
Also no explanation needed.

Blessed: Living in a building with power when all the buildings around you are without.
And there are power lines tangled in the tree in front of your building. But still there was power. BLESSED!

Power lines tangled in tree.
Spending a Saturday at the pool alone is fine, but spending it with a friend is even more fine. 
As is eating veggies and chatting in the AC afterward.

These are from my book club dinner
I made last week, but I wanted to share.
Aren't they pretty?
Forget running errands, even walking errands in 100 degree heat is too much.
Especially if your usual, shaded route is closed due to damage.

Favorite route: closed
My tendency to get ready too early comes in handy when a fire alarm forces you out of your building.
Random fire alarm at 5 p.m. on Sunday. Grr...

Fire trucks!
Channing Tatum is an amazing dancer. And as odd as it was, I'm grateful for two wonderful girlfriends to have seen "Magic Mike" with.

The U.S.A. women's (and probably men's) gymnastics team is going to be amazing.
And my new favorite is Gabby Douglas. But I still love Nastia and will remember her for all her previous accomplishments, not that last stumble.

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