Sunday, September 23, 2012

Things I Learned Last Weekend

I was too busy last week at work to get this up, so here is last weekend's recap, the majority of it spent in Myrtle Beach for Michelle's (brother's fiancee) bachelorette party.

Sleeping in a teenager's room covered in One Direction paraphernalia is better than sleeping in a teenager's room full of Jonas Brothers paraphernalia.
Because they're all legal? Not sure, though I did still feel a little creepy. But since I ended up hiding my niece's alarm clock to smother the ticking, and then forget to tell her that, I guess we're even.

Working from home with two other people is more fun than working from home alone.
I worked from my sister and brother-in-law's house on Friday, and so did they. Best of all, my sister picked me up lunch and tissues.

There is a town in North Carolina called Tar Heel.
How did I not know this? It makes me happy.

If I can't be with my best friends all the time, at least I can drive through their hometown.
Two of my best friends from college are from the same small town in Eastern North Carolina. We drove through it on the way to Myrtle Beach and it made me smile.

There is a part of Myrtle Beach that looks like the bayou.
On Friday night we took a casino boat cruise. But when we first pulled up, we couldn't see the water or the boat. It looked like we were just in a bayou or like we might just die. Luckily, we weren't and we didn't.

Matching t-shirts are fun.
I kind of want to make custom t-shirts for my girlfriends and I, just because.

Slot machines are more fun when there's a lever.
Not that too many of the machines actually had levers. I'm not a gambler at all, but I don't mind playing slot machines for a bit, and I only lost $10, so not too bad.

The captain's bridge is completely dark.
And kind of creepy. Especially when the captain invites your group up and then lets you do all the talking. (Picture not of bridge, but just because we look cute.)

Allergies+sea sickness+indoor smoking=pain
It was fun to hang out with the sister, future sister-in-law, and other bridesmaids, and nice to try something new, but the combination of the three things above meant I spent a good portion of the cruise in pain. 

Murphy beds are more secure than I thought.
The sis and I shared a Murphy bed at the hotel. I always thought I'd be afraid of flipping up in one, but that didn't happen.

Bachelorettes get special perks.
On the ship we got invited to the bridge and were given VIP status for exiting the boat. The next night, we got free shots and the bachelorette got free admission.

The best way to recover from allergies and a 3 a.m. bedtime is to lie by the pool.
And float in the lazy river. But only if the river is actually lazy, and not completely stagnant like one of them was.

The best way to start a night of bachelorette fun is with a crazy waiter.
Our waiter helped Michelle cross off several items on her scavenger list by giving us free shots, serenading her, dancing with her, and all sorts of other fun.

Balloon hats aren't just for kids.
Thank goodness. 

Dueling piano bars are way fun.
I want to go again.

If you play "Yeah," by Usher, I have to dance.
I'm not a dancer, but when at a club with other ladies, I'll make do. Especially when playing this song, not sure why, it just makes me want to very nu-rhythmically move.

Taking your shoes off whilst resting outside a club in Myrtle Beach is an invitation for a foot massage.
A man saw that my heels were off, bent down, touched my foot, and asked if I wanted a massage. Given that I don't hold hands or really like to be touch by people I know, I went with a NO. 

Allergies+indoor smoke+loud music=pain
The sis and I ended our party a little after midnight because we weren't feeling well. But we had so much fun, despite the fact that we're apparently just getting old.

It's no North Carolina beach, but Myrtle Beach can be pretty.
View from our hotel:

A weekend of terrible allergies and little sleep will result in a 2-hour nap in the car.
And what a good nap it was.

If you're a good patient when receiving a band-aid, your sister will give you a sticker.
Her first aid kit had stickers. How cute is that?

I just love shopping with my mom and sister.
Mom met us in Raleigh to spend a few hours before I had to leave. I was tired and still feeling yucky, but casual hanging out with the family always makes me better.

Garden Ridge sells a variety of British telephone booths
And I want one.

The more places travelled to in the shortest amount of time, the more tired and stressed I am after it stops.
From Thursday to Sunday: DC to ALX to RMT to Raleigh to Myrtle Beach to RDU to BWI to DC via metro, train, car, boat, plane, and van. Whew. But oh well, it was fun.

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