Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Things I Learned This (Long) Weekend

Some days you just need new towels.
Ok, technically the new towels weren't a need. But I was feeling down on Friday and ended up at T.J. Maxx, which is a terrible idea, and a few leopard towels made their way home with me They're just so fancy!

French brunch with girlfriends is a good start to a holiday weekend.
I had a great brunch, including nutella crepe for desert, with the ladies at a place near mine and K's apartment. I just love brunch.

Football games are really boring when the score is 48-0.
After the brunch we went back to the apartment to watch the not-so-scintillating UNC v. Elon game. We changed it after about half a quarter because it was just a little sad to watch.

A 2.5 hour nap can lead to not falling asleep until 3 a.m.
To be honest, it may have been a 3 hour nap. I fell in and out of sleep to the sounds of "Bring it On" and "Sweet Home Alabama" in the background. I've seen both so many times, I'm not sure how much I actually watched and how much just played in my head from memory.

I have a soft spot for recent college grads new to D.C.
I sold my old living room to a few recent Maryland (ugh) grads. They got it for less than I wanted because they were new to town and on a budget. And because they didn't bring exact change, which is annoying, but at least the rug is gone.

Jan and Bonnie's Crafty Facetime is one of my new favorite things.
Since I got the new iPhone and Jan got an iPad, we've had several cross-country Facetime sessions. Neither of us are big phone talkers, but we're great at talking when we can see each other. Since we both love crafts, Jan had the brilliant idea that we combine Facetime with Craftime, which we did on Sunday. (Except we used our web cams on our laptops and Google Hangouts.) She worked on prettying an organization basket while I worked on a few jewelry pieces. I just love that though we're on opposite sides of the country, we can spend a Sunday afternoon hanging out.

There's something exhilarating about going out on a Sunday night when you don't have to work on Monday.
I met some friends for a drink and appetizers in Georgetown on Sunday night. It was relaxing and fun.

Georgetown at night is pretty.
I'm rarely in G'town at night, since I barely tolerate it during the day, but it is quite pretty.

Hot tea and the September issue of Vogue make for good holiday Monday reading.
I've had this massive issue for a week and am finally almost done with it. Whew.

Some times you just need a lazy Monday.
That includes a little Parks and Rec, a little Doctor Who, a little TLC, and a little Friday Night Lights. Maybe I'm just getting old, but it was nice.

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