Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Pinterest Challenge: The Little Things

As I've done several times before, I'm linking up with Young House Love and Bower Power for the fall edition of their Pinterest challenge. (This round also features Ugly Duckling House and Our Fifth House.)

Between having friends over on Saturday night (more later) and of course that blasted Sandy (also more later), I didn't have time this weekend to work on a big project. Fortunately, I frequently craft things I pin. Unfortunately, some are still in progress. But I think they still count.

Completed Projects

Project: Prettifying my medicine cabinet
Original Pin
Thoughts: 5 minutes to size paper, 8 minutes to double-side tape it in straight, 10 minutes to put shelves back how they were. Because of course I forgot I had just taken a picture of the original set-up.

Project: Bobby pin organization
Original Pin
Thoughts: So simple and obvious I can't believe I didn't think of it before.

Project: Prettifying a fake pumpkin
Original Pin  
Thoughts: Mom gave me both the pumpkin and the idea to paint it with an argyle pattern. It took me maybe 30 minutes while watching Sunday football. I may seal it to make it shiny but I'm not sure.

Project: Pumpkin spice chocolate muffins
Thoughts: Yummy. My store didn't have cinnamon chips so I used chocolate instead. I also added an egg and a dash of milk as recommended by another blogger, which I think helped the moist factor. My friends were also big fans.

Project: Bourbon slushes
Thoughts: Also yummy and also enjoyed by my friends. Super easy and cheap and I have tons leftover for my next gathering.

In Progress Projects

Project: UNC Ribbon Wreath
Original Pin
Thoughts: Another easy project to be done while watching TV. I just need to raid my Mom's ribbon stash next month and it will be ready to hang for basketball season.

Project: Graduated leopard print shirt
Thoughts: I've been lusting after this shirt since I pinned it a year ago. It's easy to find a leopard shirt, but not easy to find one where the print starts to fade away. A few weeks ago, Forever 21 had almost an identical one advertised in their store window and on their website, but neither place was actually selling the sweater! But with a sale shirt from Gap and some fabric paint I already had, I'm slowly but surely creating my own. Very. Slowly. Creating a leopard print by hand is quite time consuming, it turns out.

Project: Animal-enhanced storage jars
Thoughts: Just have to find time Yankee Candle Simply Home Spice Cake Jar Candle (Google Affiliate Ad)to spray paint these and they'll be good. Oh, and also eat all the okra so I can use the jar. I'm a little worried they're going to turn out too juvenile so if you know of any juveniles who may want some jars, I may be your gal.

Sneak Peek Project

Project: Mary Poppins costume for work Halloween party
Original Pins
Thoughts: I really don't like Halloween, but I did get rather excited when my friend, Sasha, sent me this photo and told me I'd be perfect for it. I had a lot of fun putting it together and maybe I'll have fun wearing it. More on this later, too.

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