Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Weekend Recap: Harper's Ferry, WV

In lieu of a "Things I Learned This Weekend" post, I'm just going to post a few pictures and comments on the hiking trip I took last weekend with B and K to Harper's Ferry, WV.

Last week, with 5 straight days of jury duty, was just terrible. And stressful and exhausting and frustrating. (I'll write more about it later.) A trip out of town on a gorgeous fall day with two of my best friends would have been good any day, but was especially good after last week.

This was my first time to WV and it's almost crazy to think that just an hour away lies such gorgeous and rustic scenery. (Not to mention the fact that to get there, we drove through D.C., Maryland, Virginia, and West Virginia. Four "states," all before noon.)

We started at the National Park entrance to Harper's Ferry, and did a very light trail over the main battlefield. Aside from the massive amount of cicadas, it was a good start.

Then we took a shuttle bus a few miles down the road to the historic town of Harper's Ferry. It was really quaint and postcard-esque, made to look as it did 100 or more years ago.

I love old things of course, especially railroads, trains, and railroad bridges, so I was really excited about this old railroad.

We crossed the bridge over the Shenandoah River to get to some more intense trails.

After a good amount of steep, uphill climbing, we circled back around and walked along the river back toward town. But first we posed for some pictures. I wanted a ballet-type picture on a big rock. Too bad I forgot how terrible my balance is.

With two of my favorites.

After that workout we walked back to town to get some ice cream and do a little shopping. Then we walked up some 1800s era stone steps to get to the church overlooking the town.

Our last stop was to Jefferson Rock, named for my fave Founding Father, who remarked that the view from there was either "stupendous" or "spectacular," I can't remember.

Except that was actually our second-to-last stop as after we left, and were already several miles away, I realized I'd left my bag of purchases behind. My amazing friends turned around and helped me find it. Thankfully, some kind soul had turned it into a store. Yay for country living!

And that was Harper's Ferry. A great day with great friends.

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