Monday, May 06, 2013

Making it my own

I've been in my new office space for about six months now and finally got around to decorating it. When I bought the printer's blocks and realized I didn't have a good space for them at home, I figured I'd take it to work. I started thinking of ways to make a gallery wall work, but was too intimidated/lazy to try. 

Then I found a small painted floral canvas in a gold frame at a vintage store in Old Town, and suddenly everything clicked. I went through my stash of "things to one day frame" and my stash of frames and this was the result.

And because I like when people do things like this, here's an explanation of everything.

I spend so much of my life in this little space, so I'm glad I can brighten it up and make it more me.


  1. This wall is amazing. You can do one for me at home. I am greatly intimidated by this. I will gather it all together and you can do it next time you come home. It looks great. I wish I could read what the Thoreau print says though. Too small to read. Love, MOM XXOO

  2. I love this! Question: does your cubicle have actual walls or fabric covered walls? How did you hang them? I'd love to do this to my cube, but I don't think my carpeted walls could support anything.

    1. I'm not actually in a cubicle, it is an open office space with four desks, so I have solid walls that I hammered nails in to.

      I've never had a cubicle but I think I can picture the carpeted walls. Do you have anything hanging now? I feel like I've seen hooks or something made for cubes. If you picked lighter frames, it might work.



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