Wednesday, November 04, 2009

It's that time of year again...

...when I complain and moan and groan about how COLD it is. When I pine for the sweltering days I bitched about in the summer. When I wonder why I moved further north when the winters in NC were plenty harsh enough for me. When I accept begrudgingly admit that for the next six months I will be COLD all. the. time. When I drink around six cups of tea a day and twitch constantly as a result. (I've heard a rumor there's something called decaf, but I haven't looked into it.) When if I'm outside for more than two minutes without a hat my ears feel like they're bleeding and my nose runs all day. When I try to invent a way to have a space heater permanently attached to my person.

Yes, it's barely a month into fall. Yes, the high is nearly 60 today. Yes, I'm a pansy. But I'm COLD.

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