Thursday, November 12, 2009

News is history in the making

As prefaced in yesterday's post—sorry this post-a-day thing is hard—I finally made it to the Newseum on Saturday. As a news junkie of the highest order, this was kind of like my Everest. I stayed for nearly three hours and walked around all six floors at least twice, even prompting one employee to say, "Hey, haven't I already seen you today?" But it was a wonderful place and I hope to go back many, many times. (Like in December when the mom and sis come up.)

The inside. All open space and light.
Part of the outside, taken from the sixth floor patio.Bottom line reads: "News is history in the making. Journalists write the first draft of history."

They have the day's front pages from all the states and many countries on display outside and inside. This is the Raleigh N&O on the inside display.

From the five freedoms exhibit. (Section on blog freedom.)

Communications tower from one of the World Trade Center towers.

Front pages from September 11.

Quote at entrance of journalists memorial from Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Journalists memorial.

View of the Capitol from the sixth floor patio.

Building on Pennsylvania. (FTC? Can't remember.)

Me and the Capitol.

The best part: the THIS WEEK STUDIO! After taking this picture, I waited until the next tour and then got to stand INSIDE. Yes, I'm a dork and I don't care. No pictures inside because no one else was taking them, but it is really small. And the round table and his chair are quite small, too. I DVR the show every week and I stood there and just grinned like a fool.

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