Thursday, May 27, 2010

Cooking with Martha and Tiffany

My love for pretty things is no secret. Especially when they are pretty and functional things. And shiny. Especially shiny. (Another alternate title for this blog: "Bring me the Pretty and Shiny.") But this is about pretty and functional things. Specifically, pretty and functional kitchen items.

Pause. What did she say?

Yes, she of the "never preheat-cook everything on 450-burn is just a variation on well done-what the hell is mince" school of cooking, likes to go to Macy's and explore the basement (Metro Center store) or third floor (Pentagon City store) kitchen department. This started about the time this woman:

Introduced Tiffany-blue accessories, appliances, and awesomeness.

My love of Tiffany's -- the movie, store, and color -- hasn't quite been documented here but trust me, it's deep and it's real.

It started with a batter bowl and has since escalated to a spatula, measuring cups, and a salad keeper. There's no guarantee that the next step won't be a tea kettle, colander, or mixer. (Ok, likely not the mixer, but a girl can gaze.)

There may or may not be an entire post coming up on my strange affinity for colanders:

The only citrus fruits I don't hate are lemons and limes, but still, this must come home with me one day. Perhaps to hold trinkets on my dresser?

Not Tiffany blue but in the same section. Were this not $12, it would definitely have been in my hand. So freaking cute.

Just to prove that this foray into domesticity, or even maturity, is only temporary, this morning I supplemented my breakfast of pineapple and apple with a bag of peanut butter M&Ms. You can put the girl in the kitchen department but you can't make the girl know what to do in it.


  1. I was hoping you were going to mention your "obsession" with colanders - you are a DORK ! But if this is what it takes to get you to cook - so be it.....Love MOM

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