Friday, May 14, 2010

May Flowers, Part 1

Photos on Flickr.

It has been a crazy week and so I'm just now getting to writing about my busy last weekend before this one kicks into gear.

Of course I go weeks with nothing to do and nowhere to be, and then all of a sudden everything I want to do happens the same week. Such was Saturday, with open houses for the European Union embassies and the annual flower mart at the National Cathedral. I've done the embassy thing the past two years and the flower mart last year. I love them both and look forward to them every year. But this year I decided I wanted to focus more on the flower mart, so I only did one embassy: Great Britain.

Now, it might seem a little silly to get so excited to see the embassy of a country I have lived in and travelled all around, but trust me, it's not. And considering that it has been an unbelievable three years since I last set foot on precious English soil, it felt right being surrounded by jolly old England/Scotland/Wales again.

The main draw was to see the ambassador's gardens, which were lovely, of course. There was a real English telephone booth and a band playing British invasion songs. They also had food, with bread pudding and bangers and mash on the menu. Not to mention the whiskey samples which, oddly enough, was the same whiskey whose distillery I toured when I went to Scotland.

I walked around and just took it all in. I am happy with my life right now and have no regrets because I feel that my life will take me back to Britain one day. And until then I'll get my fixes however I can.

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  1. Flowers and embassies sounds fun! I'm trying to convince myself to hold firm in Liberia but DC would be so nice, at least for a bit.. I'm writing you an email soon :)



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