Sunday, May 22, 2011

An Enrapturing Weekend

This is the platform at my metro station, Van Ness-UDC, on Tuesday morning. This was taken from the floor above the tracks since the platform was too full for me to get down the escalator. That's an off-loaded train on the right, and scores of people on the left. For those not familiar with metro, a platform should only be that full if we are getting a new president or two comedians are in town to restore sanity and/or fear. And, quite frankly, a platform as far north as mine should never be that full. But by some act of the metro gods it only took three very full trains to clear most of the platform and only added 15 minutes to my commute.

And that pretty much sums up my week, and to some degree my past month: It looks like things are going to be difficult and then there's a bright spot. And then it's back to maybe being difficult the next day before an extra train appears or a dinner with a friend or a great TV show brings a bright spot.

This weekend was full of bright spots, literal and figurative. After a solid week of gray, Saturday looked like this:

I purposely made no specific plans this weekend and just let the days take me where they wanted. And on Saturday that meant going all over Northwest DC solely by bus. No specific reason except it's far cheaper than repeated metro tips and allows me to see so much more. So from my apartment to the National Cathedral to Dupont Circle to Georgetown to Friendship Heights to my apartment again, just me, some buses, and some sore feet.

I started at the thrift store run by the Cathedral where $25 got me two dresses, a skirt, a blouse, and a book. From there it was on to Dupont for what ended up being a very under-whelming craft fair. But it did allow me to finally get a taste of one of DC's newest fads: the food truck. There are a number of food trucks that descend on various parts of the city every day at lunch. Working in Old Town, I miss them, so it was nice to try the Fojol Bros. Indian fare.

From Dupont it was on to Georgetown. I have a definite love/hate relationship with this area. Love: Great shopping in a clean and pretty area. Hate: The throngs of spoiled undergrads and over-styled trophy wives and husbands. But I went anyway, primarily to visit a consignment store and Anthropologie. Getting into Anthro is always fun thanks to the maze that is the Georgetown mall. (This being Georgetown, it's not actually called a mall, but I refuse to look up the proper name.) It's three (or four) floors of stores with stairs and escalators haphazardly placed and since all the floors look the same and there are no solid landmarks, I never know where I am. But maybe that's just me. Somehow I ended up on the ground floor at a coffee shop and got some iced tea and homemade tiramisu. It took me all of about 2 minutes to devour this:

After some walking and shopping and cursing at rich people it was on to Friendship Heights and then my apartment to eat dinner, relax, and laugh hysterically at SNL.

On Sunday I cleaned in the morning before heading back to FH to see "Bridesmaids." I've been looking forward to this movie for weeks and it was funny, amazing, and the perfect end to the weekend. Which is now nearly over and it's somehow almost Monday. Again.

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