Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A little art, a little thinking

I've mentioned before that Demetri Martin is one of my favorite comedians. Every day he posts a new drawing -- with the clever hashatag of demetrimARTin -- via Twitter. This one made me laugh and then, as usual, think too much.

Demetri Martin's photo: Today's drawing. #demetrimARTin >>>
Demetri Martin on WhoSay

I have an idea for a novel I've been toying with for a few years. (The toying done primarily in my head as I only have a few paragraphs on paper.) But it involves a woman about to die who is given the option of reviewing the events of her life before she goes. (The higher power that gives her this option has yet to be determined.) She can't change anything, but it allows her to view her life as a whole instead of in pieces, and to gain some closure and understanding before she goes. (And then I don't know what happens. Or why.)

But this drawing made me think of that. I like the idea of seeing a life laid out like a railroad track with events represented through crooked lines, hash marks, curves, skid marks, bold strokes, and even confusing figure eights. This abrupt stop and blank space is where you quit that job and stumbled a bit. This wobbly, faint line is where you dated that boy and he broke your heart. That long unbroken bold line is where you were blissfully happy.

I have no idea what my line would look like. But, not suprrising, there would definitely be a fair amount of "where she kind of freaked out" figure eights.

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