Monday, June 20, 2011

Summer Flowers

The longer I live in apartments the more I want to make them feel like a home. One way I've tried doing this is with the addition of fake flowers. (Because apparently the corner of my mind reserved for "things that make a home" includes "fake flowers." Alongside "comfortable couch" and "warm.")

A quick apartment tour of fakery. Pink flowers in the entry:

Hydrangeas in the living room:

Calla lilies in the dining room:

Hydrangeas in my bedroom:

Ranunculas in my bathroom:

In my last apartment, I went through a phase where I'd buy a bouquet of carnations for $3.99 from Safeway every few weeks. Though not the most elegant of flowers, one bouquet usually lasted for two weeks, and just brought some cheer to my living room. I haven't done that in awhile but when at the grocery store Sunday morning, decided that I should again. After debating tulips, peonies, and a mixed arrangement, I decided to just go with the old standby carnation.

Entryway. Yes, that is a wine glass. But don't worry, I have others so my wine intake will not be affected.

Side table:

Big bouquet by the TV:

My bathroom:

They aren't much but for $12 I got two bouquets of 12 stems each and they brought a little fresh loveliness to my apartment. Not sure it's a home, but it's trying.

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