Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Things I Learned This (Last) Weekend

The margaritas at Lauriol Plaza are just as strong as I remember.
Friday night I went to dinner with B and K at an old favorite, Lauriol Plaza. Though always loud and busy, the ambiance is great, as is the food and the drinks. I'd vote their margaritas top 3, maybe top top, in D.C. And trust me, I know my margaritas.

Sometimes D.C. is just good fun.
After our margarita and other Dupont adventures we went to a 24-hour diner a few blocks from our apartment to get hot fudge sundaes.

It's not officially summer until you're in your bathing suit by the pool.
The best part of living in a cookie cutter apartment building: the pool. Saturday morning was spent with trashy magazines in the sun by the water.

A 27-year-old can can sometimes be mistaken for a less than 18-year-old.
I went to see "The Hangover 2," got carded, and then was told that I am "way older than you look." More on this at a later date.

Sometimes laundry is better than sleep.
Woke up early Sunday to do laundry, which made me feel very productive. And then very sleepy.

Cuban ballet > all other ballet?
Also on Sunday I went to the Kennedy Center to see the visiting Cuban Ballet's production of "Don Quixote." I believe this makes my sixth ballet and it definitely had some of the most powerful and beautiful dancing I've seen. After each solo the dancer would bow to the audience and the audience clapped and cheered each time.

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