Sunday, November 13, 2011

Things I Should Stop Buying: Magazines

I've always been a big magazine reader. As a teenager I got all the big ones: Teen, Seventeen, YM, Teen People, and Cosmo Girl. Then I picked up Entertainment Weekly and kept it until a few years ago when I also had Vanity Fair, Time, and Glamour. But I wasn't reading them so I cancelled them all. However, being such a voracious 'zine reader for so long, I started to miss them, and got a few subscriptions for Christmas last year. And then I added a few more and that bring us to this dilemma. (I couldn't find my ruler but my foot is about 11 inches long.)

That's about two and a half feet of unread magazines. Yikes. So I sat down last weekend and attempted to read as many as possible. It's slow going but I only have the top row left. I think I'm caught up on cultural references from six months ago, and expect to be caught up on today's references in another month. Hopefully.

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