Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Wednesday Words

"By the end of a week she was thinking constantly about where her body stopped and the air began, about the exact point in space and time that was the difference between Maria and other. She had the sense that if she could get that in her mind and hold it for even one micro-second she would have what she had come to get."
-Joan Didion, Play it as it Lays

"I found my mind turning increasingly to illness, to the end of promise, the dwindling of the days, the inevitability of the fading, the dying of the brightness. Blue nights are the opposite of the dying of the brightness, but they are also its warning."
-Joan Didion, Blue Nights

It's a double dose of Didion as I read two of her books this week. She must be one of the most natural writers I've ever read, but still crafts some of the most visually stunning, almost breathtaking, sentences.

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