Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Wednesday Words

"One mathematically insignificant day, you stop hoping for happiness and become actually happy. Okay, on occasion, you do worry about yourself. You worry about what this experience has tapped into. What will be left of it when the surface area shrinks? How will you make sense of it after the compulsion to have others make sense of it for you has faded? There is one thing you know for sure, one fact that never fails to comfort you: the worst day of your life wasn't in there, in that mess. And it will do you good to remember the best day of your life wasn't in there, either. But another person brought you closer to those borders than you had been, and maybe that's not such a bad thing. Knowing what you can afford is useful information, even if you don't want it. It dawns on you that this is what's in that last nesting doll that won't open. Somewhere in the center of all that bargaining and investing and stealing is meaning and truth and the lessons you have always known."
-Sloane Crosley, How Did You Get This Number?

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