Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Wednesday Words

"Now I realize that school spirit is a pretty goofy thing to some people, but I’ll tell you something: I hate Duke with an infernal passion undying. I hate every leaf of every tree on that sickening campus. I hate every fake cherub Gothic piece of crap that litters the buildings like hemorrhoidal testaments to imagined superiority. When I see those Dookie boneheads shoe-polishing their faces navy blue on television, squandering their parents’ money with their fratty elitist bad sportsmanship antics and Saab stories, I want to puke all over Durham."

A quick search made me realize I've never actually posted more than a few words of Williams' legendary column on the blog. I re-read it twice a year and it never, ever gets old. 

UNC v. Duke
February 7, 2006
(I was there, we lost, I don't want to talk about it.)

UNC at Duke
March 4, 2006
(We won, J.J. cried, we celebrated, it was awesome.)

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